How many people are looking for multi-axis script?

Hello! Bekscript here! (AKA shbek)

I recently received a personal message from one of my patron.

He suggested me getting an multi axis device like OSR 2 or SR6.

Since there aren’t many multi axis scripters out there, I was always interested on getting one for myself & script multi axis scripts.

But before that, I want to know how many people out there is interested in multi axis scripts made from me.

And if I receive enough attention and support from this community and my Patron, I will get myself a SR6 all the way & start scripting multi axis contents starting from next year!
(Will practice at least few weeks before releasing high quality contents.)

  • I want Multi-axis scripts from you!

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If you want to talk about this project personally, you can send messages using Email & Discord messages.


Discord: Bek Script#1754

Or just leave a comment on this post!

Thx for the support as always.

Details about this project can be found from here:


If ya ever decide you want an osr2+, my trade program is still open! Just sayin!

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maybe talk to @miyukialice05 on multi-axis scripting tips

i don’t have an osr2, but I’ve definitely bee thinking about getting one
so backwards compatible scripts to Launch are still appreciated!


That’s great man :slight_smile: If you (or anyone else for that matter) is looking for inspiration on the multi-axis front, you might want to consider taking a look at @PsychoSplash’s work as well. His Noodledude pmv’s blew me away.

When transitioning from the Handy you could print this so you can use your handy stuff with your new OSR2/SR6 to mix things up: The Handy Strap Mount For OSR2 - 3D Printing - Anyone Want? - #22 by Bounce
When getting a fleshlight (if you haven’t got one yet), I would advise a looser one with with an interesting texture (Toy Meets World, Fuego, Glimmer, Silk, Utopia to name a few are great in combination with the OSR in my experience). Sleeves with offset orifices, including glimmer, do not always combine well with twist. Luckily you can just tone down the twisting action depending on the sleeve you are using.

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people like my stuff :stuck_out_tongue: nice :smiley:

anyways. multiaxis is definitely the way to go. I’m working on more stuff mostly just because i think there is a lack of good multi axis stuff

it is a lot of work though. especially since i’m moving to the sr6


We plan introducing multi-axis scripts at Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - The Handy, Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon and others and the 2nd iteration of our upcoming sex toy SLR interactive sex toy in the making - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

Working to get OSR supported. Would be really great to join forces


In fact, multi-axis scripts are not that hard to make - if you start the process correctly and meaningfully. The main thing is to know the limitations of the platform and here is the main problem. My opinion is that there are no correct multiaxial devices yet - but they will definitely be.
If there will be no scripts - there will be no devices, no devices - there will be no scripts. The chicken and egg problem. I’m already trying to make multi-axis scripts, device development is still in the plans - I really want to make a prototype in December.


Thx for all the nice comments and helps. I will start looking for the stuffs that are needed for this big new project. I am already receiving a lot of support and helps from both Eroscripts & Korean community about this subject.

Thank you so much for all this attention and support guys.

I will try my best with this new thing that I am trying to do!


Ask for help with Blender :wink: unless of course you choose your own way.

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Order complete! Not sure when it will arrive, but looking forward to it!


I really like your scripts already, with multi-axis I believe they will be even better;
been trying to make multi-axis scripts, but I tend to keep on HMV where I believe it is easier to create patterns; Still would like to see any animation multi-axis scripts though!


Welcome to the multi-axis club! I’m tempted to upgrade to an SR6 now that you’ve been writing scripts for it. I’ve been MIA for the past few months, been busy raising my new baby, hardly have time for sleep these days.


Baby? New baby? Your a true hero!


Thanks! We degenerates can live normal lives too :slight_smile: I’m dead tired, but the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. Highly recommended.


That’s so great news!
i'm happy (1)

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I got a 3d printer over christmas and been printing sr6s for all my buddies lol. You do great work with your scripts, let me know if you ever need help building one. Majority of the costs is just the servos. DM me if you don’t have a printer or ordering a sr6 from a builder. I can build you one for fraction of the costs just share the scripts you make lol.

I love multi-axis scripts! I have an SR6 and the multi-axis movement is phenomenal.

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