How much for paid requests?

Hi there! I was wondering how much someone charges for a paid script? Like how much is being charged on average? Also how does the whole payment process work? I’m new to this whole thing and I’m kind of curious. If you have any insight, please share information. I’d love to hear about this topic!

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SLR and Realsync scripters have a discord channel, Script Poolers, where people can pool funding to get a VR video scripted. The prices there should give some indication. Expect no less than $100+ for a full length VR video (~45min).

By funding you mean that a bunch of people throw in some money together to pay for a script?

And also: How difficult would it be to get “hired” for project?

I’m not an expert on the Script Poolers concept since I never gotten involved in that, but to my knowledge it is only approved vendors (i.e. vendors at SLR and Realsync) that can accept a fully funded script (funded by the users that contribute to the pool). The vendor is also the one that set the required price for accepting to script a video. The price depends on the type and contents of the video. Once the pool has reached the funding goal the vendor can accepted it. Once accepted the people who contributed to the pool have to pay what they committed too in their messages.

And what about the time frame? Do you happen to know how much time you are given to script a video, e.g. 2 weeks or more?

Price and waiting time depends on the length of the video and the actions in it. Generally the few scripter who take commissions are very busy at the moment, it could taken longer.

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