How to actually using scripts (together with movies)?

Hey there!
Newcomer here.

I had interest in using and creating scripts for a couple of months now, and I took some time to watch a couple of tutorials. Interestingly I have a hard time finding out the very basic thing of how to actually use scripts.

What do I need to do to run a script with a movie? Is there a guide somewhere? Apparently am just to stupid to find it.

I use Windows 10. I also have an Android. When getting my launch I made it work via the Feel Connect App no problem, but yeah, the stuff on PornHub isn’t really… precise. That’s what made me look into scripts in the first place.

Again, sorry for bothering with such a trivial question, but I feel lost.
In any case I wish you all a nice day :slight_smile:

Instructions are the very first topic under the How To section of this site- How To Connect Your 147+ Sex Toys For Interactive 2D and VR! (Including the HANDY, Fleshlight LAUNCH, Kiiroo KEON, VORZE, LOVENSE, and more) Step by Step Guide with Pictures!)

Okay, this was the only post I haven’t clicked xD
My mistake. I should be good now. I will leave a message here if I have another question.
Thank you for your help!

Mmmm, seems like I can’t install the SLR interactive App on my mobile phone because “Your device is not compatible with this version.”
I have a Galaxy A5. This is to old already? :thinking:
I even downloaded the APK file and tried installing this way. Didn’t work.
My mobile phone is on the latest update.

Are there any alternatives?

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