How to connect 2 handy to one video and script?

I eroscripters. With an other buds we are trying to found a way to use 2 handy on the same video synced.

For example the situation is. We got a video and script. he is at is home me at mine. Is there a way to play watch the video together on remote and play the script on both handy ?

thx for your time

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Can’t you both just start the video at the same time?

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You can use my player! Or you can put your two handys in BLE mode and use the script player with intiface. then the script player sees both devices and sends the commands via bluetooth to both.

using my player you have some advantages like being able to play 2 different scripts synchronized to the same video, or use the two handys as one with a single dildo or fleshlight to make a super powerful handy.
with BLE it does not work well since the synchronization is not perfect.


Okey but this solution only works if the 2 handy are on the same network ?

Mmm handy works always over internet with the key, you can control from any network with the key, i think you can share your screen over discord or similar.

I found a solution on theHandy discord server.

This chorme extension allow you to upload script to handy and match with a video playing on twoseven. So it’s possible to do it as many as we want

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