How to connect Keon to

hi, does anyone know how to connect Keon to I tried multiple browsers but none can find my Keon via bluetooth

Use Chrome or ungoogled chromium with a well known name Bluetooth 4.0 adapter.
I’d recommend the Asus BT400 . - Cheap to buy NEW on Ebay too -

also more help at -

What BlueTooth adapter you have @dsfkjsdjfl ?


You could also use intiface

Sure and would be a good choice for many other toys, But for the OP that would just be extra confusion with unnecessary steps…

Hello, can I ask would a Bluetooth Dongle offer better faster response time compared to an inbult one? Because I’ve noticed that my keon is a lot more responsive when connected to slr iphone app compared to my computer

@Endlessdream I couldn’t say ether way if your built-in hardware would have any speed improvements over the Asus USB-BT400 Spec-info. you would need to compare the specs of both. The OPs bluetooth is likely an older bluetooth version, faulty or just not switched on…

The Asus USB-BT400 is a USB bluetooth 4.0 adapter that is known to work well on Windows10, 8 & 7.
~ I use a Asus USB-BT400 for my Keon on Win10 and can confirm it works great.

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