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Thanks to VladTheImplier, we are combining this post into his excellent [How to] Download Video/Audio from Anywhere post. Now Vlad’s post includes software-less download information as well as installable download software.

Please post all comments and suggestions to [How to] Download Video/Audio from Anywhere moving forward.

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Hi All,

I see many members struggling with downloading from streaming sites. I know there is software you can install to download (see: [How to] Download Video/Audio from Anywhere), but I have a Mac and want to download without installing any software. So, i thought I would start a thread to document the easiest way(s) to download from each streaming site without the need to install software.

Please comment with your suggestions and I’ll add them to the list below.

XXXSave: When you have a URL, simply add the letters sss after pornhub and before the .com. For example, change:

You will get a page with buttons to download at each of the available resolutions. Click the desired resolution and the video will be displayed in the browser. Right-click on it and choose Save As…

Note: This does not seem to work for all videos. Some videos require an alternate method to download.
Note: You must remove anything before on the URL other than www. For example, if you use spanish porhub (as in, you must remove the es. from the beginning of the URL before adding save after pornhub.
Note: I typically download the funscript first so that it’s easy to use the same name for the video.

This site is pretty easy - just right-click on the video and choose Save As…. Be sure to choose your video resolution first, hit play, and then right-click to download.

Click the link in the upper-left of the video player that states “GO TO ALTERNATIVE PLAYER”. Once there, choose your video resolution, hit play, and then right-click to download.

Multi-Site Downloaders


another very useful website to use is:


Pretty useful. I’ve been planning on updating my thread and including a few other methods. They still involve installing software but are pretty minimal.

In general, the easiest way to download video from websites is knowing how to use youtube-dl
It’s the most powerful program you can use, but it’s a command-line program so most people will struggle with it. It does have third-party GUI’s but they don’t have a lot of abilities to customize the arguments and don’t work very well.

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Works with pornhub, hqporner, xhamster … and many more

I am going to skip jdownloader as it is software that needs to be installed. Perhaps someone else can start a thread on download software.

I can vouch for and been using for a long time as well. I also use Firefox AddOn “VideoDownloadHelper” a lot for sites that youtube-dl and others dont detect. The addon often detects the streams or direct video URLs when others fail.

2 Likes is pretty good, but sometimes leads to a lot of empty links. Still, no annoying pop-ups and does work with a lot of sites.

Added to the list above.

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Anyone have an easy way to download from Porntrex? tries but doesn’t work, at least not with the link here:

or here:


Porntrex has it own download button, hard to miss it.

Sorry, I should have been more specific.

What is an easy way to download from Porntrex without an account? The download button requires you to login.


Just create burner account or something.

Sorry, for me it requires sign-in. Sure, could create a burner account, but my goal is to document ways to download where that is not necessary.

Easily use youtube-dl
Youtube-DL with Shell Extension
This works for almost all sites as long as they don’t need any access tokens in a cookie.

In near all circumstances it’s required to use some kind of software/login to download from a website.
In cases where sites store their video content in blobbed form (nearly all sites with decent development behind them) You need something to download from the blobbed stream, which means needing something like youtube-dl + ffmpeg and grabbing the m3u8 link.

In cases where you can only access the video after logging in, you’ll need a downloader that can inject cookies into their http request to obtain the m3u8 stream. This also I find is usually only doable with youtube-dl, though I’m sure there are other options for that.

In other circumstances, it completely depends on a proprietary API (Hopefully RESTful)
If you want to download video from websites. A lot of the time, you will need to either install software, or login with a burner account.

Added easy download for HQ Porner.

Updated XXXSave instructions. Previously it was possible to put the word save after pornhub in the URL, but the word save will soon no longer be supported. Instead, the website now states the shortcut is to put sss after pornhub in the URL.

For example:

We should compile this thread and mine together. Whatever websites you compile I can add to a section under softwareless (no software installs).

I use TubeOffline for all the PMVs I script. It works with almost every site and just requires you to press the bookmarked site while a video is streaming and it will show you a site with download links for the different resolutions.

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Will add to my guide.

Sounds good!

If you like, I can close out this thread and refer others to yours.