How to Host Scripts Locally for Your Handy

I had issues with script transfer from It takes long to load and frequently disconnects mid-way during playback.

ScriptPlayer and HandyControl had such a feature that allows you to host your script locally. Using the feature greatly improved my experience.

You can enable the feature in both software’s settings.



Enter your Local IP in the IP field. For Windows you can find it under Settings > Network Status > Properties.

Follow the following guide to open port 80 on your Firewall:

Ensure your Handy is connected to the same network as your device and the connection key is set correct. Personal Hotspot from your Laptop will also work.

Connect Handy.

Drop a script and let it cook.

Manually adjust your script delay until events are in sync. Handyfeeling does this for you but here you’d have to do it for yourself.