How to play videos with scripts through an online server or something else?


Maybe a stupid question for many or maybe it’s been asked 100 times already, sorry.
But I can’t seem to find an answer on the forum right away… :man_shrugging:

I have the handy & the quest 2, I always put my videos with funscripts on the quest 2 and then play them via Deo VR player. Works perfectly, but the problem is of course the storage capacity of the Quest 2. So I have to constantly delete videos to be able to add new ones…
Since I discovered scripts, my porn collection has obviously grown super fast…

So my question: :point_down:

Is there a possibility to upload your collection, including scripts, somewhere and then play it from there with the Quest 2 ? So you don’t have to have anything local anymore, only online ?

Or do you have another/better solution ?
How do you do it ?

check this thread from reddit.

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Moved thread to From HowTo to Help section since this isn’t an HowTo article.

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XBVR & Stash provide a much better user experience than dlna once set up

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you could use oculus link or oculus air link to play videos on your quest from your computer. This is done locally so you’re not using the internet


@sentinel Thanks for putting my topic in the correct section. :innocent: :see_no_evil:

Thanks to everyone else for the help !
Just checked and tested XBVR, that is indeed a good tool and solution.
I can certainly go further with this… :+1:

@hugecat Thanks man, that I didn’t think of that before… :thinking:
Now I feel really stupid :man_facepalming:

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