How to run funscripts on keon

I’ve connected my Keon to Initface and I’ve tested it and it works, I want to use funscripts but I don’t know how and can’t seem to find out

This post discusses a few ways to use a Keon with funscripts

  1. turn on Keon
  2. open intiface desktop
  3. start server
  4. open Scriptplayer
  5. Click “Devices”, “Intiface”, connect
    should have 2 green lights on your intiface interface.

click file and open video, then click file and open script.

You should be GTG after that!

hope this helps.

i have another problem. i load the video and the script. Keon is connected. but he doesn’t go

When you first connect the keon, it should make a small “hello”-movement. Is this the case for you?

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yes the hello “movement is coming.
with some scripts it is 3-4 minutes and with others not at all

How do you connect the keon to your pc? It might be an issue with your bluetooth.

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above Bluetooth

It always comes up “could not connect to Buttplug”

Wait no, problem solved

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