How to sync url to funscript?

Hi I am pretty new to handy and funscript. I saw several posts sharing video urls together with funscripts. I understand that we can play local videos using Handyverse, but is there a website that can sync an url (e.g on pornhub) together with its funscripts?


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I believe the closest you come (unless you pay for a subscription e.g., SLR) is

yt-dlp to download the video and ScriptPlayer to play locally.

I use a python script that reads in a funscript, and sends udp messages with position and speed to my DIY estim box, in sync with playing the video via vlc. For the video, a local file with the same name is used (when available), otherwise, the video is played from the video url in the script metadata.
So, locally I only have to store the script in most cases.

can you share your Python script? Thanks!

unfortunately some videos are not available on faptap

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