How to use handyverse?

Hi there, I bought my handy last week and I’m still learning how to use it and there’s something I didn’t understand: in the local video player of the handyverse app, I correctly add video and script files but what’s next ? I’m not able to play anything cause I can’t find any “play” button. I’m trying it on my smartphone, maybe it only works on pc ? (It’s 2d videos)

I’ve never used the Handyverse app so can’t say much about it. However, it is supposed to be the same as the Handyfeeling web site so try that and see if that works. Remember that you must be connected to your TheHandy using your connection key if you are connected via WiFi. Don’t know how it works with Bluetooth.

I’ve found that the Handyfeeling site accepts, but doesn’t play various formats on my pc, MP4 seems to be the format fo choice, so maybe that’s the issue. So far it is WMV and AVI that have issues on on the pc. Just comes up with a greyed out player.

I tried from my pc and it worked. I will try again from my phone the next time I use it

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