How to use HereSphere with Handy. This is driving me nuts

So ive followed the guides.

Downloaded SideQuest, installed the HereSphere.apk sucessfully, launched HereSphere and that works. I am planning to use this with my Handy.

But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to access my local drive inside HereSphere (I have my headset connected to PC with cable)?
All I can see are some local files on the headset- and nowhere in HereSphere am I able to navigate to my drive. Frustrating.

If anyone could help me out id appreciate that.

If you use your Quest connected to your PC with the Link cable, shouldn’t you be using the Steam version rather than the Quest version of HereSphere if you want to drive it from your PC?
If you want to run the Quest version, I think the simplest way would be to use XBVR (or share your folder with SMB? I’m not sure if that works though, I don’t have a Quest).

I really want to avoid having anything on Steam for privacy reasons. I dont see why it would make a difference if its through sidequest or steam, both are on pc.

Im not sure what XBVR or SMB is, but I guess i’ll have to look into it. Was hoping it was something simple id miss- dont see why HereSphere wont let me access my drive…

But SideQuest installs the app directly on the Quest right? So the app itself doesn’t have access to the PC since it runs on the Quest.
XBVR is this: GitHub - xbapps/xbvr: Tool to organize and stream your VR porn library It’s a tool to manage your library but you can also stream from your PC to your device with it.
SMB is Samba, just sharing the folder on your PC and I think that way you should be able to access it in HereSphere.

you have to look into smb, dlna, xbvr to access vids on your pc via network.

native quest app has 0 idea whats on your pc otherwise.

I downloaded SideQuest and HereSphere (apk) on my PC, and installed it on my PC. Just like the guide said.
If this wasn’t correct then this should also be added to the guide.

Handyman69 same thing happened to me. I purchased the Quest 2 version first. Now I had to download the Steam PC version to access the desktop files. Soooo we need to figure out the SMB/DLNA to use the Quest 2 version to remotely access our desktop files.

If you are reffering to my guide then it’s correct and you need to use Sidequest (or ADB) to install apk file on your Quest 2. If you want to use DLNA the setup might vary depending on what DLNA server you would use and I’m not gonna cover this. I added the steps to setup SMB server on your PC tho in the comments.

Btw all guides here are in the wiki format meaning that you can edit them. I am only one person with limited free time and definitely am not going to manage all the guides I made here on daily basis.

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