How watch scripts that XBVR does not recognize/match?

Hello. I use Oculus Go, XBVR, DeoVR, Handy. How do I watch a video + script that XBVR does not recognize/cannot match. I have tried putting the script in the /Interactive folder on my Oculus Go, with the same filename as the movie file, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Any ideas?


I would love a better solution for this, too. I have been able to work around this in a very PITA manner, but it’s enough work that I still have a bunch of scripts & scenes sitting in my “Unmatched” bin in XBVR.

Here’s the workaround: In XBVR, find some scenes that you’ve scraped (but you don’t have files available for, obviously) that you’re never going to have in your collection. You can go in and edit the scene to remove and change all of the metadata to describe the new scene/vid. The trick is being able to match an unmatched file to this newly modified scene – it won’t show up right away. I’m not sure what maintenance task it is that actually updates the index to make it findable, but one of the following tends to eventually work: Rescan files; Rescrape scenes; worst case I’ve come back to it a day or two later and been able to match at that point.

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