How would I move the start point easy

I’ve dug for this, but found nothing. Is there a tool that will let you shift the startpoint by say 5 seconds, common problem with PH videos that you find elsewhere and don’t have the PH intro. I don’t have that particular problem, instead i have a problem where all the start points are too early, so a reverse problem, a version without the normal intro has been found. I was hoping that OFS could just do it, kinda like lining up video and audio in premier, but alas, if it does i can’t figure that out.

Any suggestions or help on quick and dirty “visual” editing to accomplish this are preferred. Thanks in advance.

In OFS select all and just line it up with the action

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in JoyFunScripter you can just select all points, and then move then all frame by frame

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i’ll try this again, but I’d already attempted select all and move to current location(end) and it just moved 1 point and jacked up the duration. i’ll jump in again a little later and see if i missed something. thanks for the tips!

i think you need to hold SHIFT with it and then press the arrow keys left or right ( with JFS atleast )


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