I found some old VR scripts on my drive

As title. I found some old scripts on my drive, can’t find the source anywhere. Should I share them here?

18VR - After Hours - Veronica Leal
18VR - Ex Sex - Lindsey Cruz
BaDoinkVR - First Class Treatment - Krissy Lynn
BaDoinkVR - Ride the Bride - Natasha Nice
NaughtyAmericaVR - Dorm Room - Alex Coal, Michele James, Kenzie Madison
NaughtyAmericaVR - PSE - Kayla Kayden
NaughtyAmericaVR - Sugar Daddy - Lana Rhoades, Stella Cox
VRCosplayX - Marvel Captain Marvel - Haley Reed
VRHush - Cheerleading Coach - Brooke Haze
WankzVR - Study Hard - Carolina Sweets, Lily Adams
WhorecraftVR - Incubus: Hazel Remington - Brigette B


There is a list of most free VR-scripts that is maintained by @RotiRoh below.
Open the document link to google docs and search there. You will find links to RTS and ES if they are free scripts. If they aren’t there they are probably paid scripts so be careful not to share something without permission.


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Hi @bogowo72 - I really appreciate you checking first by asking

@sentinel (sorry!) has a good tip to check that list yes - I can see at least 3 or so of those scripts having been made by me already in your list

But as a general rule, its just best to simply avoid posting scripts you did not create yourself - if guys wanted their scripts out, they would already have had a link up themselves:

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It was @sentinel, but yeah don’t post anything that you haven’t created. We have #script-creator-portfolios:archived-scripts-from-rts where you can find old posts from RTS, maybe some of the scripts are there?

On the other side some scripts from RTS were imported here without permission of the creators so dunno. Still better to post your original content for sure.


I would love to know where I can find 2 of the scripts you mentioned:

  1. NaughtyAmericaVR - Dorm Room - Alex Coal, Michele James, Kenzie Madison
  2. WankzVR - Study Hard - Carolina Sweets, Lily Adams

I never knew scripts existed for these and would love to purchase them if available but I don’t see scripts come up for these when I search


same, are these still available somewhere to buy?

Pretty sure I bought the dorm room one from RealCucumber before Realsync was set up.

Personally would love to know where to buy/get the VRCosplayX Haley Reed script.

Unfortunately my scripts (among other scripters) were still included in this users upload

Please try your best to keep this community positive and active as possible by respecting Site Wide Rules
Thanks to everyone who has so far, and this community has thrived because of it

We are a community forum and the main goal of the rule of not posting scripts you didn’t create is not to actively police threads, but to help encourage more of a content creator friendly environment where creators feel comfortable continually making content (free or paid) and not worry about other users sharing their work without approval/recognition etc

The RTS scrape threads I know are there, but it was a majority decision, to help ES initially succeed in migration and was deemed ok since the same scripts were and still are currently available on RTS.
If they weren’t and users requested any of their scripts down (for whatever personal reasons) and ES left them up, then thats an entirely different issue which thankfully hasnt happened, which shows how community/user oriented this site is.

Thankfully @hugecat and fellow moderators have been really considerate and respond to any issues instantly, great signs of a forum thats here to stay long term.


@Realcumber Didn’t realize you scripted this video. Any chance you can upload to RealSync?

And if you scripted the Study Hard - Wankz VR scene, i’d be interested in purchasing that as well.


i 2nd this :metal:

Yeah… Sign me up for that Wankz Scene - Definitely would purchase any script with Lily & Carolina in it together :fire:

Can you tell me where I can find that veronica leal script

Did you ever have a link or PM for the Carolina sweets script people are asking for?

WankzVR - Study Hard - Carolina Sweets, Lily Adams

I’m willing to buy it through official channels but don’t see it anywhere.

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2nd this