I got the Handy... My in depth review. Spoiler: WOW!

Hey all, I have been a member at Real Touch Scripts for a long ass time and now here at EroScripts. From one of the first reviewers of the Real Touch release, scripting for it, The Vorze and then the Launch. I just can’t help but get involved in spreading the word of these things. If they are good that is. I felt like recently, these toys were getting worse and worse. The Launch being the most basic and boring of them all. But I got my hands on the Handy… and well I will let the review speak for itself. I try to be objective and honest in every review I have ever shared here!

Hope you all find this helpful on your purchasing decisions, I need to go plug this back in and go for round 8000 because even just writing about it made me want to use it. WOW.

Also a heads up I will be holding a giveaway of two of these devices in the next week, so stay tuned for that post!

The giveaway is over but hope to have more in the future!


EDIT: After awhile i dialed in my setup with the handy and i like it a lot now, just took some getting used to. It was mainly a bad mount which i have resolved, and i was using a weighted blanket with launch so that was why i was seeing such a difference in sound, i added a weighted blanket to handy as well as mount and its silent /w my heaphones.

I actually went from launch to handy as well and have been pretty disappointed. It’s just unfortunate because the handy has a bunch of really great qualities, and then it’s got a bunch of really terrible qualities. The terrible qualities for me are very immersion breaking and when it comes to VR scripts and interactive toys, immersion is the name of the game.

Stroke length
Stroke speed
DeoVR integration

Limited sleeve options
0 stability

The pros are absolutely great and the deovr integration and method of script delivery is one major thing holding me back from not getting an OSR2, just because I don’t want to have to be tethered to my PC/Desk and I can move around my house with my Quest 2.

The cons however are a big step back from the launch and really have me considering a change everyday, first off they are trying to reinvent the wheel with this Velcro strap sleeve stuff, get rid of all of it, design a device made for fleshlights and spend your time on optimizing the device not the sleeve. You can adapt the handy to a fleshlight but it doesn’t run at full speed and clearly isn’t made for it. Stability with this thing is a joke, I’ve spent so much time trying to come up with mounting options that don’t require me to be sitting at a desk and don’t require some obnoxious 3D printing or woodworking, this thing is anything but hands free and you have to grip it with all your strength to keep it steady at full speed. Huge step back from the launch where all I did was belt some pillows to the outside and throw a weighted blanket over top, easy as can be and extra benefit of having something soft to grab onto. It’s much louder than the launch, I can hear it clearly through my bose qc35s where as I couldn’t hear the launch at all, not the biggest deal but just some extra immersion breaking to throw you off in case you managed to mentally get past all the other stuff you have to focus on.

Really using it is work, half the time I can’t stay hard in it because I’m too focused on reconfiguring it instead of the content I’m watching, if OSR2 had the same kind of WiFi script delivery options I’d get one in a heartbeat, I’ll prob end up getting one either way if the next couple weeks of attempts with the handy don’t improve.

There a BUNCH of sleeves available in multiple sex shops (shevibe.com has a lot if you want western sleeves, toydemon.com for eastern ones). There’s more than the Fleshlight, if there was just that than no one would buy it.

Totally agree about the lack of non-destructive/crafty hands free options. You’re basically out of luck until they make a hands-free mount.

About the noise, you should contact support immediately as you can (it’ll be covered by the warenty). You have a defective unit for sure. Many reviewers say that their Handy was quiet, while the ones that say they were loud had old or defective units.


I just got my Handy and I am in a total surrender loving relationship with it. :wink:

I use headphones so I don’t hear it. Not that it is loud in my opinion.

For a mount I use a Stanley 1-83-069 MaxSteel Multi Angle Hobby Vice. Bought it from Amazon for 25 euro’s. Works like a charm. So no woodworking or 3d printing needed.

Talk about putting your dick in a vice haha

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Had an update on the open ended sleeves here: https://craftingworlds.com/the-handy-open-ended-sleeve-collection-review/