I need your help (game integration)



I want to integrate the game with Handy.
The game seems to be made with the Unity engine.
There are 180 videos in the game and the scripting is done.

I have read about EDI.
But it is difficult for me because I have no knowledge about it.

I will attach the videos and script files to mega.
I hope to see lot of integrate game in eroscript.

If you need other files, let me know ur discord.


maybe… @dimnogro ?

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looks good, can you send me the game in a zip? so i can play and see the files? maybe i can give you a hand


Check out the mega. Game file uploaded successfully.

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Well apparently it’s a game in unity, not very complicated although I couldn’t understand anything because it was all in Japanese or Korean hehe.

you should use GitHub - BepInEx/HarmonyX: Harmony built on top of MonoMod.RuntimeDetours with additional features similar to how mage kanade does. and do some kind of unpacking. or decompiled. or maybe something to see the game memory in real time. unfortunately I don’t know anything or very little about how to do that.

but if you investigate in that line, you will surely reach a good port. because I understand that it is how other unity games like onyx or max the elf were modded

check these projects that use these technologies that I tell you and they are integrations that worked


I also noticed that the videos are very short.
I think that if joining all the videos of an enemy in a single long video is going to be easier for you, you can use ffmpeg to join the videos and maybe a little help from chatGpt to give you the ffmpeg commands

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Programs that will help you combine video and scripts


Thank you for the information. It looks more complicated than I thought.

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