I should have tried hands free a long time ago!

So the difference in experience between hand-held and hands-free is like comparing a pebble to a mountain. Due to my setup I have to sit a little closer and lower than I am used to but thanks to the rock solid mounting I could really feel even the slightest movements.


what device is that? the handy?

@Ricster89, Yes that’s the Handy and a clamp from ‘Dremel’…

@BuckNekkid, I like lying down sessions the most, which I do all the time actually. I just use a sturdy monitor holder for that. Works perfectly :+1:



Yes, that is a Handy and a Dremel Multi-Vise.

If I used mine laying down that’s probably what I would have used.

Isn’t it pointing the wrong way? Or do you stand when you use it?

I’m slouched down in my chair. I don’t like the thought of anything possible getting inside the Handy and in this orientation nothing ever does. I have a towel on the floor to catch what it needs to.

I have tried other hands free solutions and they were always either too flimsy, required more work than I was willing to put in, or I just couldn’t secure them like others had. I had looked at other vices, but I like the look of this one. Since the official handy mount isn’t coming until the end of summer, I think I’m going to take a go with this. Thank you, stranger. I think this will finally let hands free be possible for me. I don’t want to overcomplicate it, but do you think this could be attached to a sturdy enough tripod/tripod arm to open up even more positions angles?

I love and hate this thing at the same time. What I love about it is that it mounts so securely to the desk there is ZERO movement lost in the stroke which means all of the scripted strokes come alive, even the shortest ones. It is really great for that. What I hate about it is I have to stay in an awkward position to use it without slipping out. As far as mounting it to a tripod or stand I guess you could do that. You would need to figure out a way to have the clamp securely grip the other device but it would need to be a very sturdy device because this thing is pretty heavy.

You weren’t kidding. It cannot be overstated what a different feeling true hands free is. Thank you a million times over for suggesting that vise setup.

Glad it works for you. If you want to get even more stimulation from the strokes wear a cock ring. It is about as close to 0 wasted movement as you are going to get.

i honestly just use a mini couch to secure the handy i just rest it on top and it works perfect

@BuckNekkid I posted this in another place but just in case you missed it. The stanley multi angle vice can be used almost every position (including standing) granted you have sturdy desk and chair that can recline almost in a flat position.

Welcome to the club. Hands free experience is pretty much a must for me at this point.


How wide do the jaws open? Was looking at this for the handy, wanted to know if itd open wide enough for the Keon as well

Won’t work for the Keon, I have all 3

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Damn, ok thanks for the info.

Ordered one of these for TheHandy. Looking forward to giving hands-free a try :slight_smile: Thanks for the great suggestion. Seems perfect for my desk setup.

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@feanorr1 Just a tip. The sweet spot for me is when the handy is clamped where the LED Button is just barely unobstructed by the clamp rails (You will know what I am saying when you have it in hand).

Also do not over tighten. I never have had an issue yet but keep in mind it is a vice and can break the clamshell.

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