I want to allow my partner to control my launch from across the world

But I don’t know how. Can anyone walk me through the best process to be able to do that? Ive tried the feel connect app but that doesn’t seem to be working right.

the feel connect app is the way to go… i tried it several times now, but yeah it has issues, many smartphones dont work well with the app or do not work at all…

i dont know any other way, but for me the feel connect app works with a partner. But its not a good idea to use it for interactive video, way to laggy and unstable for that.

But in a peer to peer session its a lot of fun, not perfect, and sometimes the connection gets lost, but anyway, dont know any other app for that, and i dont think that anybody out there is coding an alternative for this way to use the launch.

The manual for the launch worked for me, with some connection issues, but it worked… Connect to Your Partner's Device - How to Connect to the FeelConnect App - YouTube if you cant connect he feel app to the launch, than you have a problem with the smartphone, or i should better say, the app has a problem with your phone… many smartphones doesnt work with the app very well, and to be honest… there is nearly no support for the app and no development going on.

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Please make sure that the feelconnect is conected to your Launch and open all the time. Don’t open any other app. Feelconnect app window has to be active during the whole session.

So for example, if you connect, and switch to different app, Feelconnect loses connectivity or it slows down a lot. So keep the Feelconnect app window open all the time.

Hope this helps.

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There is Feel Connect, then Feel Connect 3 on the app store, maybe try the other if you’re having major issues. This would be “the way”.

“A way”, that’s not super pretty and more technically demanding would be Intiface Desktop and Buttplug Playground (search these up)… but that’s likely going to be less fun for you both.


Thanks guys I was able to figure it out between your information and directly contacting the Feel Connect creators