I Want To Build A Constant Milking Device - (Magbound Magnet Lock, Leather Handcuffs, and Kiiroo KEON)

I’ve been scraching my head for the past 2 days and I’m at a dead end. I’m in need of some guidance for a self-bondage setup I’m trying to perfect and I’m hoping someone here can help. Here’s what I’ve got and what I’m struggling with:

  1. Magbound Magnet Lock & Leather Handcuffs: I’ve bought a Magbound magnet lock as well as some leather handcuffs which will be connected together. This is because I want to constantly milk myself but whenever I’ve tried this in the past, post-orgasm torture hits and I immediately hit the off button! I can not control myself and always find a way to stop it. These magnets are so strong it’s very difficult to breakout of and will keep me bound.
  2. Timer for the Magnet: I’ve also acquired a timer that keeps the magnet activated until it hits zero. This effectively ensures that I’m locked in place for the duration.
  3. Inspiration from Venus 2000 Setup: I was quite inspired by the setup shown here involving the Venus 2000, but creating such a complex chair is beyond my capabilities currently.
  4. Strapping the Kiiroo KEON: The final, and perhaps most crucial, element is securing the Kiiroo KEON. The goal is to strap it in a way that simulates it being pushed down onto me, ensuring no escape. I anticipate a lot of wiggling and attempts to break free, so this part is essential.
  5. Current Challenges: So far, I’ve attempted to use belts, ropes, and even my underwear stretched over the KEON to keep it in place, but nothing seems to work, whether I’m sitting or lying down, it just won’t stay put.

I’ve found that when I go soft it’s very easy to fall out of the KEON which is why I want to have something that firmly holds the stroker in place to prevent this from happening and continously milk me for as long as possible until the timer hits zero.

Has anyone created anything like this in the past? I’ve seen a number of hands free mounts for the handy and Keon but these won’t work as I could angle my body in a way that would get me to fall out of the device. I need this thing ON me no matter what.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I don’t think what you’re going for is possible with a Keon. The inner/outer sleeve design means the inner sleeve will always be able to push away from you no matter how well the outer sleeve stays with you. Having 2 solid moving parts grinding near fleshy bits doesn’t sound safe for self bondage at all.

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Hmm, not sure that’s entirely correct as I can push on the top section of the Keon down on me and it doesn’t cause any issue nor grind me to an injury.

I think I just need something that’s capable of holding down and applying some pressure to the top part without getting caught on the fleshlight casing which goes up and down quite close to the top section.

The fleshlight will always be able to move itself away from you, so if you go soft, you WILL fall out of it, and if you get hard again, you probably aren’t going back into the fleshlight. You’ll be pushing into the interior plastic of the keon with the plastic ring of the fleshlight case smashing into you. Not a good way to be stuck. You need to think about worst case scenario if you’re immobilizing yourself with moving parts involved. This would not be safe.

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I don’t know if this is something you have thought of, but if you are strapped down and being milk constantly, how is lube being applied throughout the process?

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Apply generously with sillicon based lube which lasts a long time, then once I blow my load that will then re-lube the fleshlight!

The sessions will most likely only be 20-60 minutes long so I should be good for that duration.

Ah, I see what you mean! Yes that has happened to me a fair few times where the stroke length is a little long and I fall out and there’s zero chance of going back in, this is quite frustrating and I imagine it would be especially frustrating if I was locked for an hour without any stimulation.

I’m assuming there’s no way to fix this other than changing the stroke length and popping some viagra :rofl:

People have injured themselves and even died using self-bondage. I don’t see an emergency stop in your design and that seems deliberate. That is, to be blunt, insane. Please do not do this.

What if the timer fails or something breaks while you’re strapped into this? You do not want to be burned, scratched, maimed or stuck for days, right? Maybe you can try setting rewards for yourself for holding out post-orgasm or something? This is not a problem you should try to solve with engineering.


have to agree with @xipeho you always ALWAYS need an emergency plan no matter how hot the idea sounds in your head. Have at the VERY least a cover set up. (For those who dont know what covering means: Have a friend you trust that you WILL contact at time X. If you do not contact said friend at this time they WILL either show up in your house/apartment or call the fire department / police. Life doesnt allow you to load to the last checkpoint and you really cannot anticipate every impossibility.)

That being said an idea for holding the device in place: the harnesses that are used for women to wear strap ons for pegging men? They are usually adjustable… I just dont know how you might have to modify the hole where the strap on / keon would fit through.

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Maybe I’m a little naive as I haven’t done much self bondage in the past, but it does seem a tad over the top around potentially dying or seriously injuring myself during this scenario.

With the Magbound magnet it is connected to a padlock which will keep you bound for a set period of time via the timer and is powered by a battery pack that you can use to charge your phone. Should the timer or the battery in the pack run out of battery, the magnet will stop working and I’ll be free. The most that these battery packs have inside of them is 2-4 hours which would be plenty fine to wait around.

As I’m not tieing myself in any way that will prevent me from breathing or seriously injuring myself I do wonder the extent to which there is danger here.

Even with an anal or estim device hooked up to xToys and being bound for 20-60 minutes, I shouldn’t be in much danger of hurting myself due to this Magbound system.

Happy to hear of anyone’s personal experiences however as I am new to this!

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The timer being fail-safe when the power goes out is good, but still, expect the unexpected. Plus, I don’t think you want to be stuck for 20 minutes if it goes wrong in a relatively harmless manner either.

Your device could catch fire or you could get caught in the mechanism, for example. Yes, none of that should happen, but are you willing to tempt that? There is a reason why potentially dangerous machines should have an easily accessible e-stop.

Maybe pressing yours just requires you to donate $50 to a charity of your choice or something.

Can’t offer any personal experience, just seen too many people get hurt or worse over the years.


I have to say you are doing the right thing by asking questions instead of diving in head first. :slight_smile: I also have no experience with self bondage. Not to be overbearing, please take the idea of a second pair of eyes / another brain seriously… it only takes a half a cup of water to drown or and brain damage happens in under 3 minutes without oxygen… dumb things happen…all the time… a chair leg breaks and a person falls stupid… a dead mans switch would be better if you dont keep pressing a button all 3 minutes it shuts off at the very least.

so maybe we have just discovered a new market… supervised rooms for selfbondage :wink: where you rent the room but have the security of knowing someone is observing… hey maybe the voyeurs and their kinks can feed off of this… :wink: wish you a safe happy journey.

…how much money have you got? Cos there is a machine on the market that will take you to the brink of orgasm over and over again:

Or you could go on the waiting list for half the price, could be on it for some time.

Then you have to configure the damned thing, and teach it your own personal biology… but it works. Get it right and it will absolutely own you.

As for self bondage, make sure you know your kit, and what it’s gonna do, don’t use a bit of kit blind, it could have disastrous consequences. What might feel like a tiny imperfection could lead to a serious injury on a tender area after a while.

And yeah, have a cascade of releases. If you’re using a mains timer on a locking device, use three, if one fails the others can still compensate. Have a pair of release scissors on string within reach of your hand, so you can always access them, and cut your way out if it goes pear shaped. Over planning ensures the situation is viable, and also gives you a massive adrenaline rush cos you’re fully aware of the danger, and fully aware you’re gonna be stuck for some time. Great fun.



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To address the case of going soft mid-session, you may want to look at this type of auto-stroker:

It’s a pump-powered stroker that sticks to your dick and can be remote controlled or set to a script, connected via buttplug.io.
Take a look at their twitter media, there’s plenty of people using it for BDSM milking play.

Thought I’d give an update on this:

The Magbound arrived (despite a hefty customs import fee!) and it works like a charm, it’s very strong and doesn’t come apart no matter how hard you try.

The biggest issue here is that I only have the Kiiroo KEON and as pointed up above, due to the stroker pulling the sleeve away from the body, the second you cum you’re going to get soft and fall out even if you have the device strapped to you.

I am considering a PowerBlow to add some suction to hopefully keep me inside the sleeve but judging by the reviews it’s not looking like a viable option.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can make this thing stay on me for a short period of time without dropping out (other than the suggested Viagra), I’m all ears!


Just had a Powerblow arrive this morning, going to try it out to see if it can keep me inside the sleeve and hard once I cum.

Annoyingly it seems you need ANOTHER stroker and case just to be able to use it, so I’ll be buying one of those which I hope causes more of a vacuum.


it’s very interesting i came across this as i built this exact thing using a magnetic door lock from big industrial glass doors, i used them in case of a power outage it’s default position is to DE-manganese so you are free, but safety was a big thing for me and power outage is only one thing, plenty could go wrong even just as simple as getting something into mechanics shouldn’t, didn’t need to be an all out fire for it to be worth having a safety feature, i invented a safety system i call “carrot or stick”. where there IS a big safety button i can press at any time and it cuts the power letting me out BUT it has it’s own consequence for hitting the button, this way you can personally decide what the big personal punishment would be, it needed to be something REALLY bad. but something that i would rather happen then XYZ happen to me if I’m stuck tied up. i scripted it would donate $10k worth of my bitcoin to an organization i dislike, you could have it be sending an email or photo to someone, a confession, or even a video of what you were doing before you hit the button to your facebook, worked great, it did really make you feel the stress of the situation without the fear. like what a good BDSM partner would be with a safe word.
and no i didn’t every need to use the button :slight_smile:

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