I want to create a mega compilation of the best scripts from the community - suggest videos / scripts

Hello everybody!

While I was working on my third pmv (Check it out here), I came up with an idea. I would like to create a compilation of the best videos / scripts created by the community. “A best of EroScripts”
My idea is to make it pure action based and I would use the original script for the compilation (maybe slight modifications to timings and stroke lengths).

While I am not sure, if that’s something you guys are interested in, I mind as well give it a try. If we get enough entries, I will make a compilation out of all the suggestions.

You can participate by just suggesting your favorite video / script. If there is any particular section of a video, that you really like and want in that compilation, please give me time stamps for it.

I will post my own entry one post below. Please make the post like mine. Please link the thread and @ the script creator. If a script creator doesn’t want the script being used in that compilation, feel free to say so. If you agree with a suggestions, show it by giving it a :heart:. I may consider taking more scenes from that video, the more :heart:s it gets.

Some rules:

  • Video has to be scripted, please don’t suggest any video, that doesn’t have a script for it
  • Video has to be available and downloadable (source doesn’t matter, as long as I can download)
  • No paid videos
  • Only 2d videos, no vr, no animated / hentai
  • No pmvs (because sections are often relatively short and I don’t want a pmv into a pmv. I also would like to use original sound from a video and don’t want other music in it.)
  • Only straight videos, no gay or trans
  • One video suggestion per user
  • You are not allowed to suggest your own video / script
  • Multiple videos for one scripter are allowed
  • If a scripter does not allow the script being used, you can suggest another video

Suggestions are open from:


I do need a lot of suggestions to make it work though. If I don’t get enough suggestions till next Sunday, I will scrap the idea.

I would like to get your opinions on these two questions.
Should this compilation be with music or without? Basically, would you rather have a pmv or just a compilation. And would you rather see it pure action based, audio based or a mix of action and audio based.

WIth music or without music?
  • With music
  • Without music

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If with music, should the video be audio based, action based or mixed?
  • Audio based
  • Action based
  • A mix between action and audio based

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Okay, that’s all. Let’s see if that is something that works out or not.


My suggestion:

Aisha Bunny - Japanese Exchange Student Sneaks Into my Room @Hydra


I love this idea! I’ll contribute with one of my favorites, should be easy to incorporate into a PMV:

NotSoAmateur - Use Me For A Quick Fuck

by @quepasawei


From what I can see, these are just requests from you and there are no scripts for it.
Please suggest only videos, that have a script, please.

Good idea, this is one of my favorites:

Kendra Spade So Horny I Slipped it into my Ass!

by @Galbine




Four entries so far, thank you very much :slight_smile:
I need way more though.

Seems like you guys prefer it without music.

Making it with music has some pluses:

  • Can give some level of intensity to it
  • Much easier to create, because I can set scenes, cuts and effects depending on the music

I may consider making two versions. One with music and one without. It will probably be based on music though, because of the easier and better creation of it. I will see what I’ll do, once everything is set in stone and I can actually start working on it.

I also would like to give credit to the script creator, including name of the video and who it suggested to the video.

Little example:

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https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/guesswhox2-oops-he-ripped-my-leggings-so-i-could-bounce-on-his-cock/53012 by @yakuzadragon


https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/telari-love-brunette-learns-to-give-a-deepthroat-blowjob/13981 @bl0ckman

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Thank you for the new entries.

This one unfortunately doesn’t have an available video source anymore. Do have a source for it? Otherwise feel free to suggest another video.

Same for this one. I get “Video is unavailable pending review.”

Here you go


Great, thank you! Got it.

And here is the BrandyBraids one


Thank you again, got it as well :slight_smile:

That makes six entries for now.

Could you reupload please

I’d like to request anything from @spaceguy4820 's molyredwolf collection https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/a-collection-of-mollyredwolf-videos/44365

Take a specific one, please ^^ The one, you like the most.

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In that case Shimakaze enjoys a lewd inspection by the Admiral :heart: MollyRedWolf

Thank you, good choice :slight_smile:

Just for confirmation: It’s this one, right?

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Yup :slight_smile: I’m correct in thinking its limited to one request per user right?