(Idea) Sex Battle/Dueling Game With Toy Intergration

For a long time I’ve been thinking how Interesting a pvp (Player vs Player) type sex game would be with toy integration (such as The Handy ect…) A perfect example of what I’m thinking, for example is, something like EroFights (Essentially a web based sex battle game where two players in turns select from a plethora of moves with the ultimate goal of making the opponent cum first, it has animated gifs for each action selected, and various stats relating to the players current condition). Unfortunately there is no device intergration with this currently, nor plans to be far as I can tell.

Purpose built from the ground up I think an idea such as this could be incredibly expansive, integration with many different devices ect, I don’t have the technical know how to make something like this, though I’d imagine in reality it wouldn’t be too too hard to learn/make especially with already having multidevice backends like buttplug.io or xtoys, I’m sure there are many ways to use those for device integrations. The tuff part(s) is deciding how devices react to each input, or what input they’re reacting to, such as the gif/video being played of the action, or the players “life”/arousal bar (prob both/per device basis, ((If those are theoretical aspects of the game.)). How playing as a Male or Female fighter effects identical/similar devices inputs, many little facets to keep in mind. Anyhow that’s my nonsense over, just an Idea I wanted to throw out there, as personally this is a concept that’s very interesting to me.


it already exists - look up Succubus Reborn, the creator specifically tested with the handy

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Gave it a try, the handy does indeed work with it in bluetooth mode, It’s different than what I have in mind per say, but very interesting,

Thanks for the suggestion!

Do you have a link or the name of an online shop I could find it at? There are a lot of movies and other non related games that share the same title or a similar one. Thanks!

This is the only place I was able to find it but I think it may also be on ci-en


Did you use Intiface Central to connect to the game, or was your handy just connected to your PC?

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It connects by itself once your Handy is in Bluetooth mode. You also have to enable device integration in the game settings, a box near the fps counter should appear and say “connecting”. After a few seconds it should be working.


Sorry to revive this topic but this seems like a too good of an idea to let die, surprised there isn’t anything like it yet. Was thinking about something like this the other day, being able to send what would essentially be parts of a cock hero/pmv with matching Funscript would be awesome. Game would rely on the honor system to say when you “lost”, but I don’t think that would really be a problem. Would love other people’s input and see if this is something other folks want.

These guys have the right idea. Forget the honor system, collect input from a consumer-level brain device like a Muse and use that against the user to force an orgasm. The game itself could be anything but points/coins could be spent both in gameplay and on trying to force the competitor out of the game in the best way possible.