Ideas how to combine The Handy with Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Sleeve

hey community :slight_smile:
I have been told that the handy with the fleshlight turbo thrust sleeve would be awesome - so I ordered this combo yesterday.
Now I have been told that this isnt even possible on its original set up
Does anyone have any ideas, tips or experiences on how to make it possible combining these two products? It should get delivered to me tomorrow ;/

Thanks in advance!

You might just need to buy a longer strap plus a strong handsfree mounting solution and you are good to go!

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I use this 3D printed mount:

It works great for me, but I’ve heard some reviews that its too much weight for the handy to move a full size fleshlight with the case and all.

In my case I dont go for those crazy scripts where the heatmaps are like solid red, in fact I prefer slower scripts which only occasionally go green lol, so I’m probably an edge case for whom this setup works fine.

I’ve also heard of guys literally cutting part of the case and sleeve off to shorten it, thereby reducing the weight.

Anyway as for longer straps to just strap the sleeve without the case, I think these are commonly reccomended (just not sure what length to get, the one below is just the first I saw):

EDIT: oh one extra tip if you go with the 3D mount; I dont print the seperate latch peice. I just use some strong small rubber bands to hold the 2 halves together, its way faster to take on and off than to slide the latch on which is a pretty tight fit.

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thank you very much for your detailed comment! :slight_smile:

maybe a small tip on my side for you regarding the heatmaps: - Create, Modify, Enjoy Funscripts you could modify those easily with this link here if you would like to enjoy the red heatmaps scenes :slight_smile:

It is a night and day difference, and worth it imo. 3D printing a mount is probably the most reliable, though a larger strap can work. I was able to get The Handy’s included strap to hold a fleshlight go. That said, it took under a year of pmv’s and cockheros for the weight of that to kill the handy, and that is the smaller, lighter version of the fleshlight.

oh damn, I am sorry to hear!
well then I have to get somehow innovative :confused: