In Japan how do I download VR Videos to bring back to USA?

Title explains all, I am currently in Japan and want to download JAV VR videos. I am willing to pay for the videos but just want to be sure I can download an unencrypted mp4 file so I can play on heresphere / slr app back home. Anyone know how to do it here?

The only way I’ve found so far is to use However the files downloaded here are encrypted and must be used with the horrible DMM video player that does not allow for scripts.

Adult Festa has DRM-free VR videos: though you don’t really need to be in Japan anyway, I don’t think they have scenes georestricted scenes like DMM.

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Or better get VR Porn App from SLR | Download for Free in 1 click as many jav videos can’t be downloaded as a part of license agreement

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