Integrate Toys into Skyrim OpenSex

So i know there has been attempts in the past with Sexlab (its called Butthesda) but it is not compatible with the AE version of skyrim.
I was wondering if it was possible to integrate toys into OpenSex?
Opensex Nexusmods

It looks pretty nice, way better than SexLab

It’s conceivable, as you say others have managed to turn events from the game into haptic commands before, but given that the idea of the underying mod is that it allows changing the animations and the speed of the animations on the fly, it would be difficult to do, even if you had the cooperation of the original mod team and someone well versed in the haptics side working together on implementing it.

that being said tho, there are other games like scrossphere together with love machine that manage on the fly changing animations and speeds aswell. Though i am not a programmer

This would definitely be possible. You can include arbitrary C++ dlls as SKSE plugins and call them from papyrus.

The high level list of things to do would be:

  • Create a SKSE plugin that lets you make HTTP requests (this may have already been done by somebody?)
  • Create a funscript that contains segments matching all the various sex animations included in your mod of choice. I imagine you’d say two minutes of actions that match each looped animation. So to support 20 animations, you’d need a 40 minute long script.
  • Send that script to the Handy using your SKSE plugin when the game loads (once the user has configured their connection key)
  • Modify the mod playing back the scripts to inform your integration script of when an animation plays. At that point, you would ‘seek’ to the point in your funscript that contains a sufficiently long looped segment of actions that match the animation.

There are lots of details and stuff, but that would be the broad approach. You’d have to worry about things like the maximum loop time for an animation, the latency of sending the seek command to the Handy, dealing with animations that have variable playback rates, etc.

(I should say that a similar approach would work for other toys, since you can call arbitrary C++ code from SKSE plugins you’d just have to change the approach with how you interface with something like


oh nice!
GitHub - Sauceke/LoveMachine: Support for interactive sex toys in 12 different Hentai games, including Koikatsu, Honey Select 2, COM3D2, Insult Order, and more. that was the BepInex Plugin for secrosssphere and various other games i meant earlier.