Interactive 2D videos on a TV

So I’ve been hitting my head against a wall (figuratively, of course), trying to figure out how to play scripts on my TV. While there are great options for VR, I’m not so sure about 2D videos.

While I use Plex to play videos on my Visio TV, does anyone know how I could get scripts to play using my FL launch?

II know the best option would be to use a computer, but the computer cannot be moved and is not even close to the TV (so an HDMI cable won’t cut it). Maybe using an Android phone? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Do you tried this?

I think it would work to play a script on my phone, but then it wouldn’t be on the TV. I could try to play just the script on my phone then play the video, but I feel like it would he heavily out of sync.

How to display your PC screen on a TV?
there is :
Airplay for Apple
There are HDMI Miracast key
Google Chromecast
Last possibility, a laptop

good luck

If your laptop has an HDMI port, you can use your TV as a monitor.

I’m trying to avoid using a laptop. I could, but I wanted to see if I could do it over LAN instead.

Longer new HDMI Cable?

I have an 8 Meter HDMI cable at home that connects my PC to Beamer