Interactive female scripts?

Any thoughts about making scripts for female sex toys like Lovense Nora? In coming months there will be greatly advanced device coming from major interactive sex toys manufacturer.

We would be happy to make it work with SexLikeReal. I can also think of using a sex toy by male and female respectfully at the same time while watching the same video in SLR app.

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any idea if there is something similar to OFS or JFS for Bluetooth vibrators? I remember discussing vibrator scripts some time ago and scripting software for feminine toys was one of the concerns.

Not yet, but we can try to get it supported

The Kinky Shibby site has numerous files with funscripts that they recommend to be used with the Lovesense vibrators. They link to the ones supported and they have vibrators for both men and women that are compatible. Here is an example.

You should not have much to do if this is correct!


Tbh converting funscripts to the vibrator format shouldn’t be too hard. Just have to create speed graph from the exitsing motions like the HandyControl does and replace the funscript with it, maybe smooth it a little:
white - funscript
black - speed graph

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I already did the Twin Charger vibrator in HandyControl but it’s just a beta for now. It uses the black speed line to control the vibration speed.

It looks like Nora has two channels.


Hi everyone;

I hope my question isn’t out of topic…

But i wanna find some female scripts / female-pov-script to play with my gf plugin her toy on handy. (Thanks i know about issues, we’ll be carreful)

In other world , searching for script who is abble to transforme Handy to a female fuck machine.

So can il be possible with the buttplug connexion? Is an fuckmachine script already available ?

Thanks for help

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Is it only audio based?

I’ve gotten good feedback on my vrintimacy scripts from females using them with a make shift dildo adapter for the fleshlight launch. With a toy like that it would definitely be a step up.

I would definitely be interested in doing some scripting like that for more advanced toys, but there’d need to be demand. With the way the SLR store is now do you have much of a female customer base? seems like it would need to be a from the ground up development at this point with a big push for marketing it to women, and with a focus on producing more content that appeals specifically to women. Only so many women will enjoy watching a vr video of a male perspective with a woman, even if they’re attracted to women. That’s why i think the vrintimacy scenes work well, there’s no “guy”, it can be from anyone’s perspective. or at least anyone who is attracted to women.

interesting site. its like what i’ve done in the past with gfs, made them audio recordings, programmed scripts to use with toys. I would have thought more of the “only fans” sort of pornstars that do the made for fans videos would be more into this stuff by now but I guess they either haven’t heard of it, or don’t want to spend hours messing around with scripts :rofl:

I think what is needed is devices that people can use to control these toys. So they can script on the fly with the device, and so making a custom video for someone that comes with a funscript would be much more practical. Same for vr streamers, having a live stream with a live funscript.

Good point.

When we started male Interactives there were some few vocal people. Now it becomes like a mainstream. I have expectations female sex toys would work. Right now we expect we should be able to convert existing scripts to make it work with female interactive toys, not 100% sure it would be the best option. We are getting there. Adding Nora integration seems to be the first major step in that direction.

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