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Would it be possible to code an application that allows scripts to be made for erotic games? For example in a side scrolling game, once you interact with and achieve a union with one of the characters, your device follows a script to match what’s on screen.

Since the application you want to sync and the one controlling your device have no way to communicate, maybe just a ‘script macro’ that runs a script by hitting a button would do the trick. This would be nice, not just for ero games.

Any thoughts? Insights?


Most likely doable in today’s time but there’s probably not enough interest/profit from creators to spend days working on that stuff instead of the actual porn/game content.

For interest in the topic I’ll link a couple of discussions where people pondered the same thing, but your usual answer is Virt-a-mate or something with; nothing like h-games directly from dlsite or anything yet.

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I have been hoping to start seeing more interest in this sort of thing. Honestly, the easiest way I see it done is to have a script already pre-made for each encounter and when the encounter happens it would have to trigger the device to start the script. As for being able to just have the machine follow the action on screen on the fly that is probably a far ways off. I was thinking Milovana webteases could be a good place to start with pre scripted encounters, but it just depends on where in the webtease you are determines what script is running.


One of the thing holding this back, to an extent, is the fact that scripts need to be sent to the Handy before they can be played. This takes quite a while (10+ seconds), so it can break the flow of an interactive app.

The alternative is to have one huge script that gets sent, with each encounter mapped to a timecode and you seek to that timecode.

I’m currently working on some more complex interactive stuff in that uses this technique.

I hope that one day there’s some ability to create custom ‘patterns’ via CSV and load a bunch of them onto the Handy, and then play them (looping) at will. That would open up a bunch of interesting possibilities, but those possibilities are quite niche so I’d imagine it wouldn’t be very high on SweetTech’s dev priority list…


You’re right; that is a fundamental limitation of the jealously-guarded Handy API. You think we’ll see devs do anything with the open-source stuff, likesay the OSR2?

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tbh I haven’t seen anything about how the OSR2 is actually controlled. Everything is behind a paywall on Patreon and there’s no info in the OSR2 thread. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to work with, being open-source, but I just don’t know for sure.

The Handy requiring internet access is very limiting, however. I’m sure that as the technology catches on, someone will copy the physical hardware but allow the device to be controlled locally via WiFi or Bluetooth - that device will be much more useful for interactive applications. Hopefully that also convinces SweetTech to stop being so stubborn about their online-only approach!

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On the other hand, the makers behind The Handy has published an official API for others to use. If I’m not mistaken most other devices have been reverse engineered by developers, e.g. Launch. The limiting factor is that The Handy requires communication through servers instead of a direct connection from your computer.

FW3 has a live streaming protocol (Handy Live Streaming Protocol – HLSP) that would be perfect for games and “on the fly” script creation. I do not think the feature will be available at FW3 release but should be a priority in one of the following FW updates.

Keep up the good work!


Wait what?!?! I still had that in my “one day in the far future” category. Definitely keep us posted on that, I’ve got like 20 pages of designs that need realtime streaming to work. HLSP!

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Perfect! Yes, a realtime streaming protocol will open up a lot of new possibilities. I will keep you posted.

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OSR2 creator here. The OSR2 and SR6 both use an open source protocol called T-Code, which is an extremely simple USB serial implementation. This makes it very robust and easy to understand.

Info on the latest version of T-Code is freely available (though admittedly a bit hard to find!) on my patreon page: One of my near term plans is to get the new specs for T-Code onto GitHub.

if anybody wants to integrate it into a game or plugin they are more than welcome to get in touch with me.