Interactive teledildonic sites?

I was wondering if there are many sites which allow an interactive teledildonic experience?

There is a lot of potential for teledildonic devices beyond just syncing with a video, is there much out there yet? Like erotic games, cam sites etc?

There are experiments with The Handy multicontrol platform.

There was some kind of recording of that show, which is available in this thread:

So yes there are experiments of different kinds.

not really… you can do some cam2cam stuff with people you know for example, i did once with a girl and she controlled my launch and i controlled her lush via app. Or some experiments like sentinel posted. But there is no more around yet. Especially no site full of stuff like that… maybe in the future.

There is also this app called Virt-A-Mate that controls your device in real time.

I hate to mention it because of the bad press but these guys have been experimenting:

Similar to the thingy they sold to put over the fleshlight once upon a time.

We put a lot of effort into Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - TheHandy, Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon, Onyx+

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If I’m not mistaken this software reacts to the users input and doesn’t have the capability of controlling a device like the Handy, yes?

Yup, and I don’t recommend it.

…but its a benchmark in a developing field