Interactive toys into adult games / Scripting scenes of adult games

Hi there all,

I’m not sure if i’m the only one thinking about it.

I’ve recently discovered Eroscripts last month,
and i was wondering if it’s possible to script a scene from a adult game.

Games like (my fav) Being a DIK, Lust Academy, Sunshine Love,
University of Problems, Dating my daughter , etc …
Or does anybody have a funscript from one of this games (scenes) ?
Or do you guys/girls know some adult games
with interactive toys connected wich you recommend?
Feel free to post it here :wink:



Here is one of my scripts, it’s a different game, but you might be interested

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Riight, i’ve seen this couple of days ago.
it’s from the same creator of Treasure of Nadia :ok_hand:

Well, i’ll give my big thumps up for that :+1: keep up the good work.
I’ll really believe this is gonna be more popular.