Interested in scripting but intimidated

As the title says (which also means “good work!” to those that have scripted).
So I guess I’m wondering if there’s an “easy” way to script. It seems like a steep learning curving with a LOT in it. My goal is to script Cock Hero’s that can still be found (like on but I really feel like I need something pretty straightforward and easy. Maybe that doesn’t exist, but I thought I’d ask.


i don’t script so I’m just talking about things I’ve heard.

I think someone was working on a tool specifically to make creating music-oriented scripts easier.
And other people were experimenting with using machine learning/computer vision to automatically script videos

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If you want to script cock hero videos, then it’s really, really easy, since all you have to do is line up the top and bottom parts of each stroke with the beats in the video (you can even use the audio waveform to get it perfect).

You can script a few beats in a pattern, then copy-and-paste it across to fill the whole pattern - then selecting the whole pattern and scaling it such that all the beats line up. Try doing just one round, or finding a video that’s only 3-5 minutes long and using that to practice.


That was the thought, try it out on something short and see how it goes. So now, what program would I use for that?? I have HandyControl but there’s no video player with it. Is this just something where you have two programs open at once, a scripter and the video??

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You will want to download one of the scripter programs. These allow you to load up a video create a script and save it.

I have more familiarity with the joyfunscripter (available here: How to get started with scripting), but there is the openfunscripter (available here: OpenFunscripter - another scripting tool - 1.1.9 release - #333 by sentinel)

Scripting isn’t really difficult, but like any skill it requires practice so that you can do it quicker and make better decisions.

As noted above, scripting a cock hero video (assuming it has a beat meter) is about as easy as it gets (without a beat meter poses new challenges).

The guide for the JFscripter is intimidating as hell, but to get started on a cock hero script is actually pretty simple. I would recommend deciding on one of the scripters, installing it, playing around with it for a bit, and then return here with any questions you might have.


Thanks, will do!


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