Interesting and varied scripts w/o videos, is this a thing?

I’m brand new here and this is my first post so thanks for your patience. As a handy user, I notice that the actions on scripts can get pretty monotonous. I’ve searched for unique and interesting scripts that utilize the best of handy’s tech and I’m curious to put this question out to the community here. Unfortunately I’m not tech savvy enough to produce scripts that I find most interesting, so I’m on the hunt. I enjoy finding scripts that have unique and varied actions that are a minimum of 15 mins long, preferably 30. Often times I enjoy a long script without using the accompanied video and just listen to music. The best example I could give as to what I’m looking for the handy to accomplish is this pornhub vid of channel Holy Robotics- especially at this point in the video. The actions of the handy here are unlike any I’ve seen and I think this area of tech is largely untapped (or maybe I’m not looking hard enough). I find the patterns/ actions of the handy in this vid to be beyond what the handy can do itself in ‘random stroker’ mode. I find what makes scripts great is their ability to be unpredictable in the most creative sense possible. Anyone out there on a similar search and would like to share? Thanks!

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Hello! and welcome. I’m not 100% sure what you asking. Are you looking for suggestions? I would suggest you get stuck in! there are so many wonderful scripts on here. I find that PMV scripts like TikTok Gym Thots and scripts from user shbek are usually very uniquely varied / creative. If normal up and down scripts are getting boring maybe it’s time to upgrade your device. Get yourself a SR6, they are eye-wateringly good.

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Congrats on becoming a Handy owner. Not sure how to answer without a few more bits of information.
What types of video/scripts have you been watching so far? There’s a lot of different stuff already created. What have you liked/disliked?

And more importantly how are you consuming? Mobile or PC? Web based player (Handyfeeling,Faptap) or script playing program (HandyControl, ScriptPlayer, MultiFunPlayer) with some kind of media player?

Web based players are easy to use, but limited in features. Verses the various features you can get with options on PC using a script playing program with your favorite media player (or in your case no media player). HandyControl’s Jitter feature might be something you are looking for to add variation to those long repetitive Cock Hero scripts.

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Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes, I’m looking for suggestions. To clarify, I’m looking for interesting and unique scripts (like the holy robotics vid / example) and I’m really only interested in the motions of the handy, not the videos per se. When I come across a unique script that’s hard to anticipate, I just run it on handy sites local video player and don’t run the video. I realize I’m not a typical user and most folks enjoy the script with the vids. I’ve tried running the random stroker but it lacks what a well constructed script can do. To your point, I would say that, yes, normal up and down scripts are boring for me. When you say upgrade your devise, are you talking about the handy? What is a SR6? Thanks for the recommendations.

Great questions- I’ve been consuming free scripts here and on IVDB, so, yes, web based. I use iPhone/ MacBook. I’m sensing this world is more fun on a PC?

I find the content I’m browsing lacks the variation and randomness I enjoy in a script. I wish I had the know-how to write a script that I think I’d enjoy but I’m not that literate with computers. I have come across the Tug Bud app but that currently doesn’t work with IOS. I like how you can make patterns using a Smartphone by using your finger because that’s more my speed but I don’t think many folks are using this app to begin with. I have a lot to learn here and I appreciate the help.

Welcome to the group mate :+1:

The droids you’re looking for might be in this post

I also prefer a lot of variation in a script, however, I tend to stick to the less intense stuff. Here is a link to my scripts, perhaps you will find something you like.

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No you are definitely not a typical user lol. I would say you would absolutely benefit greatly by learning how to use scripting software. Since you are not syncing a video, it would be a very short learning curve. You could then copy and paste all the scripts you enjoy into one long script. An SR6 is a multi axis sex toy , it can massively improve simple up and down scripts.

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Some of @Lucifie 's work may interest you


Thanks for the info and encouragement. I have a lot to learn before I can attempt writing scripts, but you put me in a good direction. Cheers

Thank you! Much appreciated!

Thanks Falafel! I’m going to go make some Halal sauce over at Lucifies. :rofl:
Great recommendation!

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