Intiface cannot find my Keon on MAC Air M1

Is this because of Mac’s Bluetooth?

I’m not really informed on how mac works but does it have integrated bluetooth?

It has bluetooth actually, but i’m not sure if it works tha same as windows does.

To my knowledge bluetooth is not any different between devices, so it shouldn’t be the problem. Did you follow all the instructions on the buttplug website when installing intiface before using it? Otherwise I’m sorry but I don’t know what could cause the problem. I’m no tech guy :sweat_smile:

I have both macbook and Windows laptop, Windows works well following the same intruction.:tired_face:

Have you updated your mac? Mac Air M1 had major issues with bluetooth a year ago. However, I don’t know if Apple actually fixed the issue. It’s not the first time a vendor claimed something and never managed to fixed it in the end. Some claimed to fix their issues buy using a separate bluetooth dongle.

General guide to fixing bluetooth issues on Mac.

Seems that someone managed to solve their bluetooth issues by a system update.

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Many thanks bro. Perfectly fixed.

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