"Intiface Central" Intiface desktop's successor is now able to affect the air pump/contractions within max 2! Beginning a new era of max scripts

This is exciting I hope some scripters in our community can play around with this. For example blowjob videos? For now the controls seem to be low (frequent loose feeling contractions), medium (longer tighter contractions) and high (really long tight contractions). If people need motivation on why they should try scripting this well you can use the handy with max 2 so it would be an interesting combo with the contractions and vibrations added.

Hopefully they can add more configuration as it seems like the lovense app has more controls for contraction/air pump intiface central seems to replicate the face button for contraction on the max 2 which again are low, medium and high contractions.

For reference this is how the max 2 looks inside of intiface desktop as you can see no options for air pump/constriction. So this is new to intiface central for those that don’t know if they should update you should update!




This is awesome! I still need their dam dongle because they can’t make Bluetooth to pc work but once I get that I will start making some scripts for the max2, might even try combing the max and handy if I can get that to work out well.
Thanks for letting us know!

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You should be able to use any regular bluetooth adapter to connect their devices to intiface central/desktop and you can use lovense connect app to connect to intiface central/desktop as well.
The adapters are cheap so you should order those as soon as possible but for the mean time you should be able to connect with the lovense connect app.

You need to download the app on your phone (allow all permissions) and connect devices and then download their lovense chrome extension. After that the extension will give you a qr code which is to connect your lovense account to it which then connects the toys to the browser once this is done you should be able to connect to intiface by enabling connection with lovense app try it!

Download here: https://www.lovense.com/files/apps/cam/lovense_cam.zip?v=3073

Also You can add the max 2 to handy with their pro strap or any other big strap. I’ll follow you so please make some scripts incorporating the max 2. With the set up I gave you, you should be able to connect lovense devices with intiface while using the handy!

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Tell me once you’ve got the set up working with the information I gave you and see if you can make some simple short scripts that affect the air pump and post them here! Happy testing. I’ll be stalking this thread for a while so make sure to let me know your findings.

I’ve been thinking about this but I haven’t pulled the trigger, because looking at the specifications it looks like it would be too heavy (750g) for the handy.

People have said that it works but it might slow the handy down a bit I’m not too sure as I haven’t bought the handy yet but I will get it in a few weeks so I can tell you my experience as well. You can look for more opinions on this through search. If it’s not the handy for everyone to use as motivation then it’s other strokers like osr which you can build in a way as to not get slowed down by weight

You can also try to replicate the weight by using a cylinder and filling it with something as well.

The advice I got from people is to stay below 350 gram. The Max 2 weighs 750g, I don’t think it will work out smoothly.

Here’s a review of using the Sam Neo with the Handy, maybe it’s worth referencing.

In fact T-code devices (OSR2 and SR6) already support suction, in a way. You can probably experiment with multi-axis scripts made for these once you got your max 2.

I was really happy to see them add this finally, as an owner of a max 2 I was fine with just the vibration but I always felt like the air pump part was underutilized (even in officially endorsed lovense stuff)

Max 2 owners are probably a small subset considering that it’s a bit of a cheaper alternative to the stroker toys, but for the cost I think it’s a bit of an easier entry level sex toy for people to experiment with. Before they are sure they want something as costly as the OSR2/SR6, at least.

I’ll try these out as I own a max 2 I’m just waiting on my the handy order

OSR2/SR6 are only as expensive as you want them to be. If you buy a premade outright or factor in the price of acquiring a 3d printer specifically for making the device, or even just outsourcing the prints to a print shop, it can be seen as a bit more pricey, sure. But for an existing 3d print hobbyist (who typically has many spools of random filament just sitting on a shelf at any given time), really the only expense is the servos, a $10 micro board, a $20-30 power supply, and like $20 in hardware. Servos can range anywhere from $5 - $100+, with the majority of users settling for those at the $20-$30 range servos, but you can get your feet wet with a set of cheap $5 ones and upgrade later when they inevitably fail in a few months (you get what you pay for). Making for ~$120-150 project for an OSR2 or $200-250 for an SR6 for someone who already dabbles in 3d printing and gets the “peoples choice” servos that’ll last a couple years typically. Utilizing cheaper, longer ship part sources like aliexpress are your friend for these kind of projects as well.

At this point, I just assume anyone who doesn’t have an OSR2/SR6 yet either had an existing handy/kiiroo/etc prior to the plans being available, or just were unaware of the existence of the toy itself when they opted to buy into the auto-stroker world. (I’ve made that mistake, someone smarter than me needs to find a way to have an OSR2/SR6 ESP32 control a Vedo Hummer for suction)

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