Intiface Desktop Windows

Hi, i don’t know how you run ur system. For me i followed a video step by step that explained how i can watch videos with custom scripts. i used the intiface desktop program then usually create a server open the script player and select the file i want to open. then the fun can begin that was so until yesterday. intiface dosn’t work anymore for me it opens but it stay white screen? i delete the program restart my laptop installing new version still dont work so is there anyone how got the same problem before how did u solve it. is there another way without intiface i can use the scriptplayer appliction?
well im sorry for my english its horrible i know, but if u can help that would be great… thanks

Delete the folder C:\Users\Your User name\AppData\Local\IntifaceDesktop

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well thank you after about 30mins of searching and deleting the wron folder over and over again i finally found it and now it is working again thank you

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