Introducing AV1 for Quest 3, Transitioning to h265 as Phasing out h264

It is apparent that current-generation headsets are h265 standard. And most VR cameras are now defaulting to h265 video exports. This is why we are making the decision to adopt h265 as our default codec, which means h264 will be gradually phased out.

Playing back resolutions exceeding 4K in h264 has presented challenges. The playback issues this can create have led us to explore other possibilities. As part of our aim to continually improve our services, we are moving towards removing h264 entirely from our in-app streaming capabilities. Nevertheless, we will still provide download files available in this format until the end of the year.

We keep 4K h264 streaming for flat viewing. Expect greatly improved flat browsing by September as we are expanding into flat with our haptics integration. Will be converting VR videos to 4K h264 flat with optimized mono.

Our next step towards an immersive VR experience is the incorporation of the AV1 codec. As Quest 3 and all modern GPUs now support AV1, we are actively testing this codec to ensure it provides a smooth and superior quality viewing experience. Also will perform VP9 vs h265 performance, quality and supported devices comparison.

Iโ€™m still thinking what would be the best handling of footage recorded by h264 cameras. Alternatively, we could maintain its original 4K h264 format. Also Windows isnโ€™t natively supporting h265 decoding unless the plugin installed. These users end up watching lower quality h264 videos instead.

Getting back 120FPS encodings as some devices might natively support 8K 120FPS.

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