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Introducing Scripts Premium Subscription at SLR! 💎

Introducing Scripts Premium Subscription at SLR!

We’re Excited and Happy to announce the release of Brand New Subscription model for Full Streaming access to our entire catalogue collection of Full length VR Scripts at SLR Interactive!

It’s still really new so more features will be available in the next coming days and I’ll keep this post updated to reflect any new changes

But you can already check it out right now over here! =

Here’s a breakdown of pricing:

Scripts Only Premium Pricing = $9.99 per month!

  • Currently Unavailable as standalone
  • Works out to even less around $7.99 if purchased with Annual membership through SLR Premium and Scripts Bundle below

SLR Premium Videos and Scripts Bundle = $28.33 per month!

  • Based on Annual membership which offers best pricing
  • Available Now Only for New Subscribers - Scripts Add-on option will soon be available for Current Subscribers to SLR Premium - Hang tight!

Here’s what you will receive with the bundle:

  • Unlimited Streaming Scripts Access to the largest VR Porn Library and Interactive Scripts
    ** Currently there are over 475+ of our Excellently Matched Scripts Found Here! => **

  • Instant Access to Newest Released Scripts!

  • 3 Free Complimentary Scripts per month to Keep for Permanent Offline or Online use
    (ANY Scripts of your choosing!)

  • Full Download Access to over 15,787 Premium videos currenlty available on SLR

  • 100 FREE VR Cam Tokens! =>
    (VR cams are free to hang out in SLR btw, tokens help make magic happen! Definitely check out VR cams if you somehow havent yet though)

Our Scripts are still available purchasable individually for those that would rather own and use both online and offline, and want to go beyond their included Free Monthly Script limits

This should hopefully be set at a really affordable price and help guys that have been on the fence and who havent yet checked out our many excellent scripts at SLR.

This should also be great ongoing value for those who have been great supporters and purchasing all our script work to date!

A portion of each dollar made on for Scripts Premium sales (and also paid individual scripts) help go directly to supporting us scripters to keep this unique work long term and be able to create even more excellent content for you guys!

We wouldn’t be able to be offer this value and be where we are today without you guys, so Thank you for all of your support and Thanks for considering subscribing!


If we already have a subscription, is there a way to add the script package? I cant see one.

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@undercovered The answer is in the post already.

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Ok so if I’m not using SLR connect app I will only be able to use 3 scripts per month right. I’m not sure how I translate * 3 Free Complimentary Scripts per month to Keep for Permanent Offline or Online use
(ANY Scripts of your choosing!) was the good way ^^

Is there a way to use OSR with streaming scripts from oculus quest ?

Do you know by any chance if the upgrade will affect your current promo with SLR? I have a subscription where I pay $10 a month. If I wanted to but the new monthly subscription it shows $50. Hopefully it works so you can add another 10 bucks (or the price that’s sufficient) so I won’t lose my current deal.

My 2nd question - can you download the video and somehow stream only the scripts? So I can download the videos overnight and don’t worry about buffering or anything like that.

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I’m also interested in this because I’m using the OSR with my G2 and Whirligig. Not interested in using another app at all.

Yes because If I can use only 3 script by month I have to check if it’s worth it

So just to confirm you can download 3 scripts monthly but have unlimited streaming of scripts and videos with this bundle? Wish there was more like 5 downloads a month but in the end it does seem worth it

missed that, hopfully the add on comes soon

Someone can confirm that it’s only possible to use previously downloaded script with the OSR and not streamed ?

Thanks for the questions and comments guys

You will be able to soon - it just rolled out, so just needs to be coded on SLRs backend to allow ‘Scripts Add-on’ for current subscribers - Im sure it wont be long

Well technically if you are a stream only user then yes the 3 scripts are complimentary :slight_smile:
I dont think Netflix/Spotify etc allow you to keep their content after subscribing, and I think its still a pretty good discount since you can use it for any scripts that I am aware of

Not yet I dont think - its planned for the near future I believe though

When the ‘Scripts Add-on’ option rolls out for Existing Subscribers, then Im sure you can just addon for $9.99 a month additional, since you are already SLR premium member, so I would recommend waiting so that you dont lose your current promo

Scripts Premium Subs sales are essentially separate from SLR premium video sales

Currently I dont think so, but I can double check and report back if thats planned in the future

Yes that is correct - If you are a stream only user who doesn’t like to worry about storage space or have limited on your headset, or travels around, it should be an excellent deal

If you want to sub just for the 3 scripts included, then I’m sure the discount on the more longer scripts is a welcome addition and makes it worthwhile to sub

The more people who end up subscribing, then Im sure more value and new features can be introduced in the future


I’m curious if purchasing a lifetime membership ($999) gives you downloadable access to ALL the scripts or if it’s just 3 script downloads per month? I’m only asking because I have pretty bad internet these days and have been on a heavy travel schedule, so hotel wifi streaming isn’t always ideal for me on the SLR app.

Lifetime membership and all monthly plans gives you 3 scripts per month downloadable ongoing

@RotiRoh , @anonymoses - I brought up offline Video playback to SLR, its currently not possible, but its been added to the future to-do feature list so should be helpful to guys with weaker internet connections or prefer offline video accessibility

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Really wish this service was released to existing members first. These members have been supporting SLR for months if not years and should be first to receive the best features.

Hope this gets coded and released soon for said users.

Have been a big supporter of your own person scripts @Realcumber and purchased another 2 yesterday.

Need to get the sub going!

Can you bump this post when there will be new informations about scripts playback for offline videos and subscription upgrade? For now looks like I will have to support you and the guys at slr the old way.

Yeah I for sure sympathize and know what you mean - It definitely wasn’t an oversight, and I’m sure if they could have they would have rolled out to members first

I think this was the main reason from customer support on slr discord:

“We understand how you feel about it. We just already have the system working with new subscriptions.
Adding it to existing subscriptions needs a bit more complicated work, including with our payment brokers Epoch and Verotel.
As it is now, users can’t have 2 recurring payment plans on the same account, which is set up on the broker’ side, not our’s”

I know they are rushing on it though, so I think it will be sooner than later - will for sure update this post soon as I know

Truly and sincerely appreciate it! @Petemah02 - every purchase and comment really means a ton - we are able to keep it up thanks to guys like yourself :pray:

Of course, will do - thanks for actually recommending that idea about offline videos - its a really good idea that should be beneficial to supportive subscribers for sure

Subscription upgrade ability will be updated in this post 100% soon as I find out

Wish this was more useful to OSR2 owners, seems it’d really just be the 3 scripts/mo though since can’t really stream them to it.

I really don’t get it.
To say the truth I am very disappointed. How are we supposed to stream the scripts with an OSR 2 ?
There is no way you get me as a customer for such a price for 3 scripts per months.
Something need to be done for OSR users.

Hi @Nfinite , @fredolo

Hopefully official osr2 support is possible soon, but hopefully you guys can still consider subscribing since u can still get discounts on scripts with this subscription- all good if you think it’s not worth it of course

I just hope every one understands that the more subscribers and earnings scripters and slr can realize, then the more volume discounting and further investments in toys and support will be possible faster

The vice versa will be true if interactive starts losing support as well

I’ll post my reply to your post on slr discord @fredolo

“Sorry - development investments and time need to make sense, hence why toys like handy and kiiroo are supported because there are 1000s of users
I would guess OSR users are less than 200-300 maybe?
How many of those would be willing to also pay for scripts or a scripts sub?
Hopefully many but maybe not enough to make sense to make it priority I would guess?
I have an OSR2+ and most toys myself and it’s great but there’s many reasons that not too many have them yet”

I get it but why don’t you open more scripts downloads to subscribers ? How do you prevent subscribing people to share their 3 free scripts per month all over the place anyway ?

Very disappointing … I hope you can come with a solution soon.