Is anyone else having issues with Handy and Scriptplayer?

I have been trying for an hour to connect The Handy to Scriptplayer. So here is the lowdown…I haven’t tried or used The Handy in a few days. Last time I did it worked as always. Connected to Scriptplayer NO PROBLEM. I go today and it won’t. I followed the same steps as always. Plugged in the Handy. Opened SP. Pressed connect on Handy. Waited a few seconds then tried connecting as usual with SP. It won’t do anything EXCEPT one time it connected and it was like the handy had a mind of its own. I was playing a script but it the handy was stroking to some insane ghost script. I am getting extremely frustrated and am baffled.
Also, I upgraded last week I think to the new firmware 3.0. Is this causing the issue? Or is my handy just dying?
Somebody please help.

3.0 is probably the issue. I used Scriptplayer yesterday with no problem.

could it by any chance be my cpu? i have a shitty little asus. had it maybe almost a year. well, fuck…i just got the handy to connect to SP. maybe it is a combination of 3.0 and this cpu. well, i have another handy as a back up…so if this aint working and i MUST use the handy, then i guess i could always break that one out.

Hmmm two Handys, I have to ask. Have you tried using both at the same time?:sunglasses:

yep. one on my dick. one on my nose. NAH! It was just in case. the other hasn’t been opened. i got scared it would be like the LAUNCH where they disappeared. so, i wasn’t going down that road again

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