Is HqCollect Legit?

When searching for videos, I often see HqCollect in my searches. They have pretty much all the content I want but they require to pay with crypto or amazon gift cards only.

I can’t seem to find much online so I thought about asking here. Does anyone use it, is it legit?

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I’ve used it and it’s been solid for me. There is a bit of a learning curve on using their site.

Their VIP pricing is rather high, but download speeds are as fast as well seeded torrents.

As with all pirate websites, there is a chance where it will have a cease and desist issued and that site will disappear.

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Thanks for the info. Ive always wondered about this site too. Is it all torrents?

Technically they are direct links. You’ll need a download manager which the site will provide a non-malware recommendation. You request a download, add to your downloads queue, wait until it finishes processing, then copy the download links into the download manager, hit start download.

What happens when there’s a video that is marked as “this item is unavailable” but if I click on check availability it says it is?

sorry for the late reply. Some posts will say unavailable, but i queue them up anyways to try my luck. Sometimes the metadata on the site doesn’t update correctly. It’s been a 50/50 hit for me when something is showing unavailable, but is actually available.