Is it really possible to go through a video without pausing?

Hello people

I’ve been in possession of a Handy for 1-2 years now but in that time I’ve never managed to make it through a video longer than 5 minutes without pausing, so I’m wondering if it’s really possible to make a 1:20 hour video without pausing like the FH - Beast 3 that just came out.

My questions are,

Can you actually make it through such a long video without pausing?
Does this have anything to do with training, does it really do anything when you train(kegels)?
What are your experiences with it, how do you manage to keep it up for so long?
How do you do it to get through such a long video?

Also tips and tricks would be appreciated, unfortunately I do not know if you can really keep it up or if there are other methods. I would appreciate an open discussion and your help.

All the stuff that was said here…

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what PO0000OP said… relax… ejnoy the experience… its not a race with a clear defined goal… the whole thing is too be enjoyed…

I can go through most of my scripts without pausing for more than an hour.

I guess it’s a bit of training but I really attribute it to my antidepressants, I love them for that :rofl:

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You’re right, my thread is kinda useless now xd
I guess I didn’t search thoroughly

Try to start scripting, you’ll see, after going through any video multples times, hour after hour watching the same scene, you will be less aroused by it and you will last longer when you test it LOL.

It’s all good. In fairness, you wouldn’t really have KNOWN to search for that in particular. I just figured it was silly to repost the same stuff in this thread. A quick search for “Last longer” will reveal that this is far from the first time the subject has been discussed here. :man_shrugging:t2:

If you are worried about staying power, I suggest catching depression and getting prescribed antidepressants. I crush Fap Heroes like nobody’s business! :melting_face:


I mostly agree with what others have said. Porn has taught us the WRONG expectations. It’s not normal to last 2 hours with no breaks. Even the best porn actors can’t do it - it’s an illusion created in the editing room :slight_smile:

In fact, if you DO take 2 hours, that is typically a sign of desensitation - or the side effect of various sorts of medication. As someone who takes SSRIs, I can tell you, not being able to cum is a lot more frustrating than cumming early :slight_smile:

Taking 5 minutes of intense stimulation to cum is pretty normal. Vaginal sex typically lasts three to seven minutes, according to a 2005 Society for Sex Therapy and Research member survey. According to the survey, vaginal sex that lasts one to two minutes is “too short.” Vaginal sex that lasts 10 to 30 minutes is considered “too long.”

These FH/CH videos are intentionally challenging - it’s a game. Not a benchmark you need to pass. You do it for fun, if it’s frustrating you, play a different game. You’re all good.

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I feel you. I have to take my meds in the morning and then relegate my handy sessions to the very late evening hours or else my libido is just gone. SSRIs suck.

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Not just that, if you consider it a benchmark you are very vulnerable to getting something similar to DGS (instead of a death grip where your cock is always expecting tightness, you will become unable to feel stroking sensations as well as you should and now always expect this fast movement).

Most CH videos are designed for wanking and not handy usage. Especialy noticed by very fast beats that you cannot reliable even thrust to. The best CH videos shouldnt exceed the speed you can normaly thrust in order to give a realistic intensity and avoid handy based DGS. Wanking is less intense than a sleeve as you cannot put your hand entirely around your cock all the time.

And yes, the handy can cause DGS, it doesnt have a case like a fleshlight, so its vulnerable to make it extra tight. Combining this tightness and speed is risky.

And this DGS (or HGS - as in handy grip syndrome) is worse than being unable to cum, as this can actualy cause you to go flacid during the action by lack of stimulation. While being unable to cum by overstimulation is possible (your brain being tired from processing it all - and usualy not a problem as often after a short rest you can still be brought over the edge), not even getting the stimulation at all is worse. Dont underestimate this, as its a lot more likely to cause it, rather than wanking (as at least in normal wanking you can get tired).

Even the handy speed is an issue, as stroke speed is often a compensation to get someone over the edge. Being used to this can prevent a women to bring you over the edge by stroking.

Being able to last a CH video of 30minutes on the handy without pause is a key sign of DGS. unless the CH video/script is designed to have a low pace or low distance strokes. Idealy over 80% of the CH script should be yellow or green in script player to make a 30min duration acceptable, more than that and the script is guaranteed to be overintense.

Vibrations are a bit of an exception here though, as wand usage during sex is actualy possible and can make things more intense. It will make the script red in scriptplayer even though the sensation will be diffirent. But that only works for short sections. Full vibration scripts will cause DGS quickly.

Being able to last 5min in a CH video is on that normal, and while your brain might stretch it to 7 minutes (basicly 2 songs), by that time its normal if you are close to the edge or already came.

A CH video designed to be mostly calm and involve ‘danger’ moments use this as their ‘danger’ moments are generaly just long enough to either get you close (edging), or to basicly force cumming. Its good they exist and that you lose during them. Its what would happen in normal sex when a women start stroking, trying to resist cumming there is what makes the cumshot more intense.

But note, there are cases where 2, or even 4h are doable: Milking machines. These machines are designed to keep the sensation this long, and even assist a bit there: suction keeps you hard, and the sleeve as they are very smooth dont provide overstimulation. As they never exceed a certain intensity (sure, it might look like they go realy fast - but keep in mind, this is significantly less intense than what a handy can provide), the moment a dom would take your dick out and starts stroking, that stroking is more intense already.
And just like that, a very slow handy video can on that provide a very long experience. Just like actual sex can also take over an hour.