Is my Fleshlight Launch dead? Should I buy a different toy?

Hello. today my 2 year old Fleshlight Launch won’t connect to the sciptplayer anymore. It’s just flashing blue lights continuously . I am using Windows 10 and searched for launch under Bluetooth devices but it no longer shows up there too. Thought it was an issue with the Bluetooth dongle but my Bluetooth headphones works just fine so it can’t be that. My phone can’t find the device either. The day before I was using it , the device lost connection a few times in the middle of a script. Should i just forget about it and buy something new? Choices being the Handy or the KEON. Does the handy support fleshlights weight? I have quite a large collection of fleshlights and would be a shame for them to go to waste.

Exit script player, turn off launch, remove bluetooth dongle. Then; re-insert dongle, wait 10 seconds, open script player, turn on launch and attempt to connect.

Works for me when things are being finnicky.

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We were just discussing this issue in RS public lounge chat :stuck_out_tongue:

If your PC/Phone bluetooth can read other devices, but not the launch and the launch is fully charged, then pretty guaranteed the bluetooth died on it unfortunately

Handy uses WIFI, so avoids that issue but u currently are at the mercy of their online servers for playback - I heard fleshlights are bit too bulky with it, but stock sleeve is still good

Keon is so far solid but still new product, but Im sure they learned from their past mistake, but all fleshlights fit fine in them

Consider OSR2 as well purchaseable through @M0SAIC - usb wired, easily repairable anytime

Heres links I try to provide on all my posts for toy option replacements if it helps:

Top 5 Interactive Toys:
TempestVR’s OSR2 = Recommended Seller here = OSR2s For Sale - Flexible Pricing
The ‘Handy’ (Use -50 ms Script Delay in SLR App for Perfect Sync!)
Fleshlight Kiiroo Launch
Kiiroo KEON New Scriptplayer + SLR Support!
Kiiroo Onyx+


Yeah bummer the bluetooth is dead then I guess. Had a look on the OSR2 thread but it seems to be US posting only and I live in the UK. Might just go with purchasing the KEON for fleshlight support. Thankyou!

@anon61028331 Delivery now also includes EU in this recently updated post here on ES:

I don’t know if that includes UK due to the recent Brexit. You have to ask @M0SAIC in the thread above or in a private message.


The post has been updated 17h ago…
“Selling and shipping in US to the US CA and EU.”


I don’t know if this could be an issue. I have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard which also hooks up with an option for 2.4hz dongle. If I have them on bluetooth, my launch will not connect. If i switch my mouse and keyboard to 2.4 dongle, my launch will show up and connect. Slight chance but this could be solution for others as well. I have bt 5.1 so its not an issue with too many devices connected. I am not sure why this is an issue but is for me.

If I don’t remember wrong there is an issue with USB3 interference with BT and it is recommended to use an USB extension cord and use a USB2 port in the computer when connecting a BT dongle. Maybe that is why you get different results.

Grim get a handy
far better than the launch ever was , i started with a launch but it died 13mths after purchase grrrrrr, same as yours , flashing blue light would not connect.
The handy has longer stroke , faster smaller, and quieter.

and i have posted on here an adaptor that takes fleshlight insert absolutely fine with handy.

get one !!

PS i am in UK too , have fun

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