Is SLR worth it?

I want to know if SLR is worth its price. Are the scripts well made? Is it worth it if i only use 2d media?

It only costs you $50 to decide for yourself over the next 30 days.

(I tried it for 30 days and opted not to renew. I prefer JAV which is lacking on SLR)

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If u only use 2d media, no it is not worth it. If u want vr porns version of neflix then yes it is worth it. The variety is currently present but also still grows. The scripts are :+1: however there doesn’t seem to be enough variety in scripted videos as well as not enough scripts in general. But it’s still a growing library & experience. I’d recommend to any who want vr porn. Oh & best pornstar selection for vr porn imo.

I used it without VR and it was very hard to setup, VR is pretty much need to make it easy to use. I stopped after 1st month, but 100% would go back if I get a VR or they made it work on the browsers like FapTap.

I will answer in the same direction as the other. If you want 2D… no but if you want VR, it’s definitely worth a check and the scripts quality are very good. You can always take like mentioned above a short subscription for a starter to explore and if you like it sub for a longer period.

SLR isn’t designed for 2D porn so don’t waste your time if that’s what you’re after. For VR it’s a decent starting place to sample different studios, but that’s all it is. Get a sense of what kind of stuff you like, then join a site and support a studio producing it.

SLR is definitely for VR use only. Sources content from various VR content producers so there is that variety. Scripted content can be sparse in terms of new releases but their is a good back library of great content and daily content release can have the odd scripted content.

I use DEOVR as my player which has great functionality and settings to manipulate the image so you don’t end up over extending your neck.

Hoping to side load the SLR app when I can to see if this is more user friendly.

What site are you using for JAV Afesta?

You’re looking at it, my friend :slight_smile:

There are a few scripters here you can follow that put up really high quality JAV scripts on a regular basis. Try the tag search for #jav and #jav-vr and you can find them quite quickly.

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If SLR isn’t meant for 2d videos is there an equivalent site for 2d videos instead, a website with a large collection of videos with decent/good scripts that you don’t have to pay for individually?

consider more if it’s a financial burden or not

What side would you use for 2d content. Is there something compareable to SLR

Feelx videos? Flap tap? It is a shame that slr don’t really 2D. I’m sure their subs would absolutely rocket. However I believe VR is the future for porn consumption. Better for them to get head of competitors by investing in that. I would love to see more non pov VR videos , so u get best of both worlds. I would also like to see shorter action biased VR videos. Shorter = more variety + more scripts

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