Is there a VR Scene with script of a male milking machine scene?

I always wondered if there is some kind of scene in VR where you are getting milked by a machine (like in the Maximus Jandari video’s, but then in VR). Any suggestions, specifically if it’s available with script would be fantastic!


Yes, I would like a video like that too.
Always looking for it but never found it in VR. Even in 2D there aren’t that many unfortunately…
I like all kinds of milking, tentacles, plants, machine, etc…
Something like that in VR would be great indeed.
Can also be a video without a script of course, then I will make the script anyway and share it here on the forum…
I also scripted some of the Maximus jandari videos here on the forum :+1:

Yes, exactly. I know there is a scene in VAM but it’s so big I was never able to open it in my oculus haha. Only opened it therefore on my PC but not enough expert in using VAM to make the file smaller so yeah. Probably would be possible to make a video in VR of that scene from your PC, script that and then play in your goggles like a regular VR video with script.

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