Is there any solution using Lovense Solace with funscripts?

I tried Initface Central with Scriptplayer, and MultiFunScript but I don’t know how can this are working with Solace. Initface and Sciptplayer can connect, but do nothnig.

If initface can connect, then in multifun player you can add that connection using the protocol.
You will need to map each axis yourself. This can look like this:
(note that in my example i connected the edge2 and handy both in initface)

It might need to have an active connection (use the playbutton to connect MFP to initface), and then once set up the devices should sync.

You might have to adjust the fixed/polled update setting on the devices though (especialy for the handy), but usualy the default works fine.

Thx. It is working, but Solace is pumping all the time even if I pause the video.

Make sure you have auto-home enabled on the axis mapped to solace.
But I believe thats a bug with either buttplug or intiface.

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