Issue copying movies to Quest 3

Hi, has anyone figured out how to consistently get around the issue where copying movies to the Quest 3 fails (it will look like it’s copying like normal, but at the last few seconds of the copy it just fails and nothing happens), as described here: Reddit - Dive into anything

I’ve found workarounds that work sometimes, removing the extension, changing the filename, copying to a different folder, sometimes one or the other method works but works consistently.

Anyone have any suggestions to solve this? I’d be willing to use an app if it would consistently solve it (sidequest’s file copy doesn’t consistently work either)

I changed to quest time out from 2min to 4 hours. I was able to transfer from PC without issue.

I also used my mega account to successfully transfer, but that wasn’t a big file.

SLR. Go to the site via the quest browser and hit the desktop button, then hit “back to home menu”
You can then download like you were on a PC.