Issues with handy firmware update?

Anyone dealing with problems with their handy after updating or downgrading?

Personally I had no problems after upgrading to the latest firmware. Everything works better.

I have a bunch of connection issues with the
3.0.4+f02df024 firmware and DeoVR. Apparently there is a
3.1.0+b6f26a87 update, going to try that.

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My hand stay in 2.X.X. There is something to do to update to 3.X.X ?

I upgraded to FW3 but the Handy was no longer able to move a full sized Fleshlight (red light errors). Also, the Handy sleeve was moving slower and less aggressively. I downgrade back down to FW2 and the Handy worked as usual.

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Exactly what happened to me! They did a patch today It won’t downgrade anymore and it just goes up to the top down and than stops. There are zero obstructions and the thing was working perfectly fine before this bs

So no more downgrading possible with 3.1 to 2.13? :scream:

Can someone confirm this?

No It did downgrade my friend just didn’t revert to normal calibration. They are telling me the things trying to calibrate itself but I am still getting errors. It could be particular and maybe not so general

well I will stay with my 2.13

Yeah I wish I didn’t tamper with it shit is all messed up now

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