JDownloader EroScripts integration

JDownloader is a downloader application that takes links from various websites and allows you to download the content. Take youtube for example, you can watch the video via the website but there’s no plain download button.

EroScripts scripts
If you want to use a script from EroScripts you generally find links on the script post, but those links can point to many different sources since the poster is responsible those theirselves. Once you finally have the files you need to make sure the names of the video and script are the same, otherwise the scriptplayer doesn’t know what belgongs to what

EroScripts plugin
To make this process a lot easier I have written a plugin for JDownloader that can deal with the EroScripts forum. You give it a link to the post, and the plugin finds all the script and video links. Since JDownloader supports a lot of video websites it will usually be able to get both for you.

Smart filenames
The links on a script post point to a file (or at least end up having a filename) but those don’t always match. The plugin had a feature that figures out what script goes with what video and gives them the same filename so they directly be played.

This is a test release, already used it on a bunch of posts and seems to work great. Sometimes it might misplace something but you can easily edit the filenames after scanning is done so when you start downloading they will end up correctly.
Normally JDownloader does auto updates from the main repository, I have already submitted a request to add this plugin which they were cool with. Am doing final checks before sending it over.

To use this plugin now install JDownloader from here:
Once running go to your installation folder (on windows: C:\Users<User>\AppData\Local\JDownloader 2.0>
Download and unpack the plugin into that folder

After that restart JDownloader and you should be able to setup your account.

(Also you need java)

If you’re a developer and want to play with it:

To be able to use the plugin you must enter your username+password. Go to settings → Account Manager and add your account.

After that you can edit the plugin settings under Plugins

Without smart filenames

With smart filenames


This is an awesome surprise. Great job and thank you.

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Thank you. Can’t wait to try it out. I am hoping it handles posts with multiple script versions.

When I add my username/pw I get the following. When the countdown timer reaches 0 it starts over at 5:00. Am I missing a step?


Don’t recognize this error. Maybe update java?

I checked and I have the latest version already installed.

This seems great. Amazing what you guys are able to do. Thank you!

I am getting the same error. Java is also on the newest version for me.

Has anyone else tried this? Were you able to get it to work?

It’ll probably be fixed once it’s in the main application. Already got a reply from the JDownloader team

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How can i install this? I already was using JD2.0. But it seems when i put the jd folder in my JD2.0 folder i can’t seem to find the account to add. https://i.imgur.com/1qA2gJv.png

your files end up in .java - while the folders plugins - decrypter & hoster mainly have .class files on my machine.

There are actually 2 MEGA folders linked in his post; the 28.9KB one contains the compiled class files you’re looking for.

I was able to add the account, but it asks to put in the account Information. Account name + password

Updated the links and instructions this morning yes :slight_smile:

Try removing and adding again?

Still not working unfortunately.

Progress! I have questions though. Maybe I don’t know how to use JDownloader all that well but I do not see the funscripts on any link I paste in and I find no option in the app called smart filenames. What could I be missing?

Here is what I get from a random post here.


Find the settings page as shown in screenshot: After that you can edit the plugin settings under Plugins

Works now. I guess I thought it would fetch the account information automatically. Now I put in my account details and everything works.

I unchecked “Add images?” and “Attempt to link script and video filename?” and then you won’t get any images and you will also see the .funscript file. You may have to match video name and funscript name.

Works great btw. Saves a lot of time. I usually don’t download stuff right away and put it into a “2 download” folder and download it, when I have some time. This makes it so much easier now. T
hanks a lot for that awesome plugin :slight_smile:

Do you mean automatically fetch account info from the browser? It can’t do that sadly.

Also please do try link video scripts enabled again.

Yes, I don’t know why I thought this though ^^
I tried again with link video scripts enabled and it sometimes works. Sometimes it doesn’t show the script. When I disable it, it shows the script.