JOI I'm scripting is too fast for The Handy. Not sure how to move forward

One of the first things I wanted to try scripting was Hentai Ecchi JOI Challenge (Your Harem) [AXxooo]. I got pretty far, maybe about 99% done, but the ending has me concerned. The whole last 5th of the script is constantly at max speed. I lowered the peaks for that entire section, but when I tested it out, The Handy still couldn’t keep up, and it desperately trying to approximate the right pace was really disruptive. I vaguely recall hearing The Handy has a max speed for scripts, guess this is what they were talking bout.

I’m not really sure how to move forward from here. What would be the least intrusive way to alter the script to accommodate? Should I just keep lowering the peaks / raising the valleys further? Should I alternate between high and short peaks? Should I just skip every other beat entirely (It’s already set up for one up or down stroke per beat)? I’d like to know what people think would be the best way to handle a situation like this, and moreover, if moving forward I should entirely avoid videos that would have this issue in the future? (Mainly in terms of JOIs, where there’s less wiggle room for individual strokes)

While I’m at it, I guess I should ask if there’s a good rule of thumb to tell if a script is too fast for The Handy in OFS?


I’m not sure how fast you can make a script, but the fastest full-strokes I do are ex,[point, space, point]:
and there doesn’t seem to be problems for the handy with this speed.

If the video goes faster than that, I do less than half-strokes ex,[point, point, point]:
I always script frame by frame, and the videos are rarely going full-stroke with no spaces between points, so I don’t know exactly where the limit is.

If the beats are too fast, I would personally do some interesting patterns to make up for the smaller strokes ex:

The last example is if you skip every other beat and you do vibrations instead of a stroke on the skipped beats.

In most cases mimicing action beats accuracy. So shortening movement is often better.

In cock hero videos this is the standard approach (especialy in full stroke scripts as they run into this a lot). Shorter strokes of only 30% lenght can still be fine here as the beats are still matching what you feel as a beat. Although many scripters will add in some extra variety to still cover the full 0-100 range in these cases.

Skipping beats would be disruptive on that as it breaks immersion. And this should truly be a last resort.

And at these fast speeds, any smoothing of actions isnt required. So you can realy just maximize it. For this however you can use 2 approaches:

  • keep going and limit it afterward
  • adjust it directly

And i think the first option is better.

For speeds around 600 (handy limit) i would often adjust it myself as it gives control, but when speeds are often near 800, i will just use a limiter to first parse the script, and then finetune it again afterward.

But at least upload both scripts then! If a device is there to handle the speed, that device can at least use the script then. These sort of videos benefit from several versions including a raw unlimited one.

I always try to space the points by at least 50-66ms (66ms in 99% of the cases). As to speed I try to not exceed 700 units/s. The Handy technically should shorten the strokes that are too fast for it so it’s definitely more important to space the points correctly. However, you gain more control over the Handy behaviour if you don’t use extremely fast strokes.

The OFS has also a helpful option to mark strokes exceeding a certain speed with a different color, it’s somewhere in the settings IIRC.

You can also use equalize function to spread the points evenly in super fast sections. Use it for every 3-4 accurate strokes and noone will notice a difference.

You can find it under “Options” → “Preferences”

My 545 unit/s threshold was calculated based on formulas provided in the following topic:

If the video really demands a stroke speed beyond the device’s limitation, try to play around by lowering stroke length.

You can also be creative and incorporate patterns, such as waves.

Alright. That’s a huge help. Now that I’m able to see the limit clearly, I realized I had to go over a lot of my old WIPs. Thanks.

Handy’s firmware will cap the speed by reducing stroke length on its own, so you probably don’t have to do anything unless there’s noticeable problems. (eg. the strokes ended up in the wrong place)

On there is a limiter function under modify script tab. It comes with a Handy preset which is rather handy.

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