Just got the handy, do I need to download a video to use the funscript?

Do I need to download the video to use the funscript?

If you want to use free funscripts from here than the simple answer is: yes, you have to. You can only technically stream the vr videos from sexlikereal with downloaded scripts.

There are also some sites that let you stream their videos without downloading. Few examples are on the Handy site itself: https://www.handyfeeling.com/partners

Also: There are Tempermonkeyscripts to Stream directly from Pornhub an xhamster. However, these require that you use a browser that is capable of running user scripts. Internet Explorer and Safari are “unusable”.

But if you use these, you will have to tinker a bit with the delay-settings. (My) Experience has shown that the Funscript always is a few milliseconds ahead of the video.

That way you only have to download the Funscript.

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