Just wanted to ask before potentially getting in trouble

Hey everyone… I’ve been working on a handful of scripts, I actually enjoy it, but I’ve worked in a video, animation, etc… so going frame by frame in OFS really isn’t that bad to me… LOL.

Anyway, I was getting ready to post the scripts, and I went looking for the original video links, because I honestly thought they were all from XNXX… several of them are, and have the watermark… BUT, a couple of them apparently either are not from there, or possibly were only posted there temporarily due to rights etc…

I’m not exactly new to the site, though I did just recently create an account so I could participate in the community, and definitely not looking to get into any trouble almost immediately, so I just wanted to actually ask, in the instance of the videos I can’t seem to find links to, is it ok to upload them to something like mega, and then post the link along with the script?

I know a lot of people do this, but what I am not sure about is whether or not I’d be allowed to do with specifically with those videos I mentioned. I know a lot of the posts to mega downloads are edited/compilations/PMVs/etc… where as this would be posting the download link to videos I don’t know about the legality…

Both are pretty short, one is 8 minutes and the other is 14, so I really can’t imagine these would be anything more than free promo material a site would post, BUT… again… I can’t find them, so I can’t say that definitively, and wanted to ask permission as opposed to begging forgiveness.



You’re allowed to post links to third-party sites hosting downloadable or streamable video content (Mega, Google Drive, Spankbang, PornHub, etc.).

The exception is when a script creator asks people not to post such links in their thread. If you’re the one posting a script, you’re free to add any additional links you like to your post :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for clarifying!! I was REALLY hoping I wasn’t going to have to hide/trash the two projects I’m currently most proud of LOL…

Even if those links in the end get removed, there is a big chance the community will find the original source. And sometimes this means scripts must be adjusted. And some just make a new mega upload for sharing.

I would say that you shouldnt worry about vidoes going down either. There are plenty of scripts here of which the video is already down.

LOL right on, fair point… yeah I unfortunately stumbled upon a few of those I was really sad to see were dead links when I first got my handy and found the site. But I mean, like you said, understandable, especially for the scripters who’ve done dozens, or potentially hundreds?, can’t really be expected to maintain that library of videos…

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